The Association of Business Administrators


Article 1


The name of the organization shall be the "Association of Business Administrators" of the University of Pennsylvania.

Article II


  1. The exchange of information among those responsible for administration of the University's business with the end result of solving common problems.
  2. The development and promotion of professional standards.
  3. To improve the interaction between the members of this association, the faculty, and the University administration.
  4. To work for improvement of communications, dissemination of information and operating efficiency on a University-wide basis.
  5. Such other activities as the membership of the Association shall adopt.

Article III


Membership is open to all Business Administrators and other staff of the University who perform various business management functions for their office. We strive to reach out to all areas of the University and provide information that is helpful in conducting the business of the University.

This organization exists purely for the dissemination of information and improvement of communications, so there is no restriction on membership or attendance requirement.



The Association of Business Administrators may seek affiliation with other organizations upon recommendation of the Steering Committee and two-thirds approval of members present and voting at a regular scheduled meeting.



The Association of Business Administrators shall be governed by the permanent Steering Committee whose members will be elected by the membership.

  1. A Steering Committee of seven (7) members shall serve their elected terms of two (2) years from July through June. One of these seven Steering Committee members will be elected Chairperson by the other members of the Steering Committee and serve as the presiding officer of the Association. The Chairperson will serve a one-year term of office as chairperson and may not succeed him/herself.
  2. The Chairperson shall appoint two members at large, who are not candidates for election to the Steering Committee, to review election results.
  3. In the event there would be a complete change of all members of the Steering Committee, the Chairperson of the new Steering Committee will appoint the Chairperson of the outgoing Steering Committee to serve as ex-officio for a period of four (4) months.
  4. Nominations shall be accepted in the spring to fill expiring positions, and will be presented to the membership a spring meeting, and via an email announcement.
  5. Election of the new Steering Committee members will take place online, with results to be announced by email prior to the June meeting.
  6. The Steering Committee will be comprised of: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster, Registration & Membership Coordinator, Event Coordinator.
  7. In the event that a member of the Steering Committee must leave his/her position, the position will be filled at the discretion of the Steering Committee. If it is within six (6) months of the election, they will go back to the ballot and invite the person with the next highest number of votes to fill the position. If it is more than six (6) months from the election, The Committee may decide to either fill the position, or leave it vacant until the next election in the spring.
  8. A member of the Steering Committee, who wishes to be reelected after serving his /her term of two years, must be off the committee for one term before being eligible to be reelected.



Any constitutional amendment may be passed, upon approval of two-thirds of the members present and voting at a meeting, provided that all members are given five (5) days’ notice of such changes prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.

Revised and Adopted

May 21, 2014
Benjamin Franklin