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[ BEN Deposits ]


Accepted Status

Deposit verified and accepted by the Cashier's Office. Deposit sent to the University's bank and funds batched for BEN Financials general ledger.

Add Deposit

Allows you to create a new deposit.

Adjusted Status

Deposit has been adjusted by the Cashier's Office.

Bank Advice Receipt

A notice from the bank that an amount of a cash or check deposit differs from the amount indicated on the deposit.

Batched Status

Funds posted to BEN Financials general ledger.

BEN Deposits

A user-friendly web-based application that allows depositors from University schools and centers to complete deposit information on-line and submit it electronically to the Cashier's Office.

Budgetary Control (BC)

Determines how funds checking will be applied.

Bulk Coin

Large amounts of coin ($20.00 or more).

Business Enterprise Network (BEN)

The Business Enterprise Network, or BEN, is the suite of web-based applications that support University-wide financial functions

Center Net Access Class (CNAC)

identifies the responsible School/Center for a transaction.

Center Reference

Allows Schools/Centers to track activity at a level they desire.

Collecting Status

Foreign check deposit submitted and waiting to be collected by the University's bank. Information will not be sent to BEN Financials until the item has been collected.


Any activity which increases the account balance (a deposit).


Any activity which decreases the account balance (a returned check, a processing fee, etc.)

Deposit Receipt

Verification that deposit has been accepted and processed by the Cashier's Office.

Deposit Summary Sheet

Deposit summary information of a submitted deposit.

Deposit Template line

Allows you to set-up account numbers that are used on deposits regularly.

Deposit Tracking Number

A unique nine digit number assigned to identify each individual deposit.


Allows you to download to a spreadsheet program certain deposit transactions for a specific account number or date range.


quits BEN Deposits application.

Find Deposit

Allows you to find deposits based on security access.


Identifies a financial resource across all schools/centers.

Informal Check

A check whereby the numerical amount differs from the hand-written amount.


Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - Characters printed in magnetic ink that are machine readable. Encoded on the bottom of the check and micr characters usually include the account number and the bank routing number.


Returns to the BEN Deposits home page.


Identifies an activity as an asset, liability, net asset, revenue or expense.

Organization (Org)

Identifies the department within the School/Center.

Pending Status

Deposit saved but not submitted electronically to the Cashier's Office. Modifications by the depositor can still occur to a deposit.

Processing Fee

A fee that the bank charges for certain deposited items.


Allows you to set-up pre-defined deposit information (deposit template lines).


Identifies the activity.

Returned Check

A check whose funds could not be collected, for one reason or another from the bank on which the check was drawn.

Submitted Status

Deposit has been sent electronically to the Cashier's Office. Deposit remains in submitted status until the deposit is delivered to the Cashier's Office and processed by the Cashier's Office.


A method of payment (cash, checks, money orders, etc.).

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