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Printer Requirements
Desktop & Printer Requirements & Standards

Only network printers are supported for printing Concurrent Manager reports from BEN Financials.

Any Hewlett Packard (HP) LaserJet model which is NOT a Host Based Printer, supports PCL print language, and contains an internal or external JetDirect card meets this requirement. In general, any HP LaserJet printer that conforms to Printer Control Language (PCL) level 5 and is IP addressable, or any Apple LaserWriter (also IP addressable) in Postscript mode only, will be supported for application printing.

Other non-HP or Apple printers that can emulate HP and use PCL5 or Postscript may be supportable as well.

Combination devices (even though manufactured by HP, and/or using PCL 5), such as machines that integrate printing with fax or copy functions, may be usable for BEN Financials printing, but are problematic and are not supported.

NOTE: BEN Financials reports are printed in black and white, using plain text, even if the printer used supports color printing.

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