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003. Invoice On Hold Summary Report
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Last Updated: 07/10/06

This report is used to summarize, by Buyer or Org, invoices that are on hold and have outstanding holds greater than the number of days specified in the parameters of the report. The report shows both invoice count and invoice amount for the invoices on hold.

To view invoice details by Buyer or Org use the 500. Matching Holds Extract or the 501. Matching Holds Report. The data returned on the 500 and 501 reports will not necessarily match the summary data on the 003 report. When the "ORG" is specified in the parameters for the 500.Matching Holds Extract and the 501.Matching Holds Report it is selecting Purchase Orders that have used that "ORG" in the PO distribution. The 003 report uses the "ORG" parameter to select the invoice hold data by the "Home" Dept/Org of the buyer, regardless of the distribution used on the Purchase Order. Therefore, all invoices/holds would be included in the user’s MarkView Working Folder.

This report is not secured by org and can be run from the Sr. BA Reporting responsibility.


This report requires ALL parameters [Group By, Order By, > Entered # of days on hold, ORG Low and ORG High] to be entered.

GROUP BY [Select Buyer OR Home ORG]

§         Buyer

  • ALL invoices on Hold for that particular buyer for any account combination.

§         Home Org

  • ALL invoices on Hold for any Purchase Orders processed by buyers within the ORG entered. If purchase orders were processed by a buyer in this Home Org and they have invoices on hold, they will appear on this report

ORDER BY [Descending Order]
  • 1 - Order by Invoice Amount (Descending)

  • 2 - Order by Number of invoice exemptions (Descending)

This data will be displayed in descending order

> [greater than] ENTERED # OF DAYS ON HOLD

  • Number entered in this parameter is used to determine how many invoices are on hold for “X” # of days greater than the date the invoice went on hold. Data is calculated as the duration between the dates the oldest hold was applied on an invoice to the point in time when this report is run. Number of Days: 0-99. Standard vendor terms are 30 days. The standard timeframe for clearing a hold is 7 days or less.


  • Enter the Low/ High values for the ORGs to be included for the report. ORG for this parameter is the buyer’s home organization. To report on all ORGs within a school or center, specify the lowest ORG to the highest ORG in that school/ center.


File Layout:

From left to right, the columns provide the following information:

Column #

Column Heading


Buyer Name


# Invoices on Hold


Invoice Amount




Org Name




Center Name


Cumulative Count


Cumulative Dollars

10 Cumulative Count %
11 Cumulative Dollar %


The report will have a total for the invoice amount at the Buyer level, ORG level and grand total. 

Last Page of the Report:

Report Parameters The parameters used to request the report are printed on the last page as confirmation of what was requested. If the invoice data returned to you in the report are not what you expected, the report parameters list is a useful first place to start. At a minimum, you can verify the range of values you provided at the time you submitted the report.

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