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132.ORG: List of Terminated Grant and Contract Funds
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Last Updated: 09/07/01

The 132.ORG report supports the grant and contract close-out process. This report lists all grant and contract funds that have terminated, but have not yet been disabled. Based on a parameter, the user can select just those grants that have terminated within a specified number of days OR the user can select all terminated grant funds. A terminated grant fund is defined as a grant whose Project End Date has passed. The report lists basic attribute information about each fund; no financial data is provided. Disabled funds are excluded from the report.

If no grants or contracts have terminated within the specified number of days, the report displays a message to that effect.

Sort Order/Page Break:

The first level of the sort order is by RESP ORG in ascending order. Within each RESP ORG, grants are listed in ascending order by Account End Date and within Account End Date, by FUND number. There are no page breaks in this report.

Report Parameters:

The following parameters are provided for account selection on the 132.ORG report:

2. RESP ORG/ORG Connector
4. Number Of Days

The first 3 parameters work just like they do for all other BEN Financials GL reports. For guidelines on how to use these report parameters, please refer to section 6. Report Parameters. The following describes the additional parameter for the 132.ORG report.

Number Of Days: (required; valid values are 30, 60, 90, 120, All)
This parameter controls how far back in time the query should go for purposes of selecting terminated grants. For example, a value of '30' would mean that the report should list grants that have terminated within the last 30 days; a value of '60' would result in a list of grants that terminated within the last 60 days. The default value is 120. The run date of the report is included within the number of days being evaluated. When the 'All' value is used, the report will include every terminated grant/contract fund, regardless of when that grant terminated, as long as the grant fund has not yet been disabled.

Report Columns:

From left to right, the report columns will provide the following information:

    This column provides the RESP ORG numeric code.
  2. Current Budget End Date
    The date displayed here represents the end date on the current contract for this grant; this is basically the date through which funding has been awarded. For terminated grants, this date should equal the Account End Date.
  3. FUND
    This column provides the FUND numeric code.
  4. FUND Description
    This column provides the FUND description.
  5. Sponsor
    This column provides the Sponsor name.
  6. Primary PI
    This column provides the Primary PI name.
  7. FRZ: This column displays a single character to indicate the freeze status of the fund.

      N = Not Frozen NONE of the transaction sources are currently frozen for this grant.
      P = Partially Frozen At least one, but not all of the transaction sources are currently frozen for this grant.
      F = Fully Frozen All of the transaction sources are currently frozen for this grant.
      D = Fund Disabled The fund is disabled; its freeze status is irrelevant.

  8.  Account End Date
    This column provides the date the project terminated.
  9. Adjustment Period End Date
    This column provides the system-calculated date that the Adjustment Period ends and the system will automatically freeze all transaction sources that are not already frozen. (For detailed information on how this date is calculated see the BEN Financials II - New Features; Freeze Grant Accounts document)

  10. Financial Report, Due Date
    This column provides the date that the next financial report is due for the grant fund being reported. If no report is required, the text 'No Report Required' will be printed in lieu of the date.
  11. Financial Report, Last Report Submitted
    This column provides the date that the last financial report was filed for the grant fund being reported.

Last Page Of The Report:

On the last page of every report two pieces of important information are provided: Report Parameters and Report Break - Resolved Parameters.

1. Report Parameters
The parameters used to request the report are printed on the last page as confirmation of what was requested. If the account combinations returned to you in the report are not what you expected, the report parameters list is a useful first place to start. At a minimum, you can verify the range of values you provided at the time you submitted the request.

2. Report Break - Resolved Parameters
The list provided here represents the list of values within the range you provided as Report Parameters that passed security verification. When a report is submitted, ORGanization parameters that were provided are compared against your BEN Financials security profile. All ORGanizations in the range that match your profile will be returned to you in the report.

This is a good second place to look if you did not get the results you expected. Compare the list of ORGanizations in this list against the parameter range you provided. If an ORGanization is missing, chances are it does not exist in your security profile.

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