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Last Updated: 09/07/01

This report is designed to provide information about the freeze status of individual grant funds. Grants managers can use this report to identify any of their funds that are either fully or partially frozen. Only those funds that are currently enabled and that have at least one frozen transaction source will appear on this list. Grant funds on this list are selected based on the RESP ORG of the fund - only grants managers who have security access to the RESP ORG of the fund can report on the fund with the 138.ORG report.

The report provides basic identifying information for the fund and then lists, by transaction source, the freeze status and status date. Information provided is current as of the execution time of the report.


In the 138.ORG report, information is first sorted by RESP ORG. Within each RESP ORG, information is displayed sorted by FUND number. Page breaks occur for each change in RESP ORG.




The 138.ORG report requires only one parameter:

RESP ORG Low/High:
Specify the low and high values for the RESP ORGs to be included on the report. The report will only select funds that have a RESP ORG value that is within the low/high range specified and that matches the ORGs in your security profile. To specify a single RESP ORG, make the low and high values the same.


The report heading includes the following information:

Indicates the ORG number and ORG name of the Organization responsible for managing the listed funds.


The following describes the information provided in each of the report columns. Information is listed by the report column headings in the order in which they appear on the report (left to right).

  1. FUND: The fund number.
  2. DESCRIPTION: This column displays the name of the fund.
  3. PI NAME: This column displays the name of the primary Principal Investigator for this fund.
  4. ACCOUNT END DATE: This column displays the date associated with the end of the project period.
  5. ADJUST PERIOD END DATE: (Adjustment Period End Date) This is the date by which all adjusting entries must be made after the end of the project and prior to close out of the grant. This date is calculated based on when the final report is due to the sponsor relative to the Account End Date. The date calculation will round up or down so that the Adjustment Period End Date will always coincide with the end of a BEN Financials Accounting Period.
  6. OVERRIDE: This column will display either a Y or an N to indicate whether or not the Freeze Function Override flag has been set for this fund (a Y indicates that the Override is "on"). When the Override flag has been turned "on", only the Office of Research Services can unfreeze transaction sources for this grant, even if the Adjustment Period has not yet ended.
  7. The next 5 groups of columns describe freeze information for each of the five transaction sources that can be frozen.

    Transaction Sources listed:

    • MANUAL JE: freeze applies to both manual journal entries and manual encumbrance entries.
    • CFORM: freeze applies to processing of C-Forms by the Accounts Payable department.
    • NEW PO: freeze applies to the creation of new purchase orders.
    • FEEDERS: freeze applies to all transactions imported to the General Ledger from external systems (e.g., ProCard, mail services, telecomm, departmental service centers, etc.)
    • PAYROLL: freeze applies to activity within the payroll and salary management systems and affects transactions sent from the payroll/salary management systems to BEN Financials

    Freeze Information provided for each transaction source:

    • FRZ: Indicates the current freeze status for this source:
      F: Frozen
      N: Unfrozen (was frozen at one time, but is now unfrozen)
      blank: Not Frozen (has never been frozen)
    • DATE: Indicates the date associated with the current freeze status for this transaction source. When the freeze status is blank (indicating that the transaction source has never been frozen), the date will also be blank.
    • REFRZ: If the transaction source has been temporarily unfrozen by Research Services, this label will appear underneath the relevant transaction source along with the date when this source will be re-frozen.


On the last page of every report two pieces of important information are provided Report Parameters and Report Break - Resolved Parameters.

    The parameters used to request the report are printed on the last page as confirmation of what was requested. If the funds listed in the report are not what you expected, the report parameters list is a useful first place to start. At a minimum, you can verify the range of values you provided at the time you submitted the request.
    The list provided here represents the list of values within the range you provided as Report Parameters that passed security verification. When a report is submitted, the RESP ORG parameter specified is compared against your BEN Financials security profile. All RESP ORGanizations in the range that match your profile will be returned to you in the report. This portion of the report also lists a summary of findings for each RESP ORG within the range specified. For each RESP ORG you specified in your parameters, this portion of the report will indicate whether or not that ORG is within your security profile, and if so, whether or not any frozen funds were found.

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