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301.OLD.BUD: Budgetable Amount - Grants/Contracts
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Last Updated: 05/12/2014

Please note: For reporting on balances prior to 01-May-2014, please use this report. For reporting on balances from 01-May-14 onwards, please use the 301.NEW.BUD: Budgetable Amount - Grants/Contracts.

The 301.OLD.BUD report provides information about the authorized budget (PBUD), the project-to-date budgeted amounts, and the amount available to be budgeted for grant funds. Budget information is provided at the ORG/FUND/CREF level for all grants within a given Responsible Organization (RESP ORG) or range of RESP ORGs; sub-totals are provided at the FUND level. This report shows budget information only - what is authorized to be budgeted vs. what is currently budgeted (all budget entries excluding the budget for object code 4600 - grant revenue). No actuals are shown.

This report can be used to check the budgets for grant funds. The user can choose to report on all grants for a given RESP ORG, or alternatively, only those grants with a budget discrepancy. Within this context, a discrepancy is defined as a grant where either the calculated "amount available to be budgeted" is not zero (that is, the grant is either over or under-budgeted) or where there is a discrepancy between the PBUD (authorized budget) and PBIL (maximum billable award) amounts for the grant.

Report Break:

The report break determines the page break and the first level sort for this report.

Report 301.OLD.BUD breaks at Responsible Organization (RESP ORG). A new page will be created for each unique RESP ORG reported.

Sort Order:

The 301.OLD.BUD report uses three levels of sorting. The first level is the report break (RESP ORG). Within each unique RESP ORG, information is sorted and displayed by FUND; for each FUND, information is sorted and displayed by ORG/CREF.

Report Template:

No report template is used for this report.


The following parameters are provided for account selection on the 301.OLD.BUD report:
1. Period Name (Accounting Period)
2. Report Option
3. Resp ORG Low/High
4. Fund Low/High

The Accounting Period, Resp ORG, and Fund parameters work similarly to other General Ledger Reports (see Section 6, Report Parameters). The following provides information on the additional parameter (Report Option) used in this report.

Report Option:

This parameter is used to define the group of grants that should be included on the report.

Option '1': Use this option to include all active grants for the specified RESP ORG value/range of values.

Option '2': Use this option to include only those grants which have a budget discrepancy of some sort (i.e., either the amount available to be budgeted is not zero or PBUD is not equal to PBIL).

Report Heading:

The report heading includes the following information:

  1. Responsible Organization
    Indicates the numeric code and name of the Responsible ORG for all funds listed in this section of the report.

  2. For Month Of: MMM-YY
    Indicates the accounting period through which project-to-date totals are provided. Accounting period is provided as a parameter when the report is requested.

  3. Amount Available
    Indicates how to interpret the debits and credits displayed on the report.
    Dr - Available
    Cr - Overbudgeted
  4. Report Type
    Indicates the report option (all grants or just discrepancies) specified for this report.

Report Columns:

From left to right, the report columns provide the following information:
    This column provides the numeric code for the Responsible ORG for the fund being reported.

  2. FUND
    This column displays the fund number of the grant being reported.

  3. FUND Description
    This column displays the name of the grant fund being reported.

  4. PBIL
    This column appears only on the fund sub-total line. PBIL is a Special (not an Operating) budget entry that represents the maximum billable award for this grant.

  5. ORG
  6. CREF
    These two columns display the ORG and CREF values of the account for which budget information is being provided.

  7. Account End Date
    The anticipated account end date (fund attribute) for the grant fund being reported.

  8. Budgetable Amount (PBUD)
    The amount displayed in this column represents the project-to-date PBUD amount for the listed ORG/CREF combination as of the specified Accounting Period. PBUD is a Special budget entry (not an Operating budget entry). When summed across all combinations of the fund, PBUD represents the total authorized budget amount for this grant fund. In some cases (notably for grants converted at June 30, 1996), a specific PBUD amount is posted to multiple ORG/CREF combinations of the same fund. However, in newer grants, PBUD is generally posted only once for the fund - at the RESP ORG (CREF 0000) level.

    In most cases, the PBUD and PBIL amounts should be the same. Advance accounts are an exception - in such cases, the PBUD amount represents the amount the school has authorized to spend in advance of the final award notification, while the PBIL amount will be zero until the notification is received and processed.

  9. Net Budgeted Without Overhead
    The amount in this column represents the sum of the project-to-date operating budget entries in the following groups of object codes: TEXP (e.g., compensation, current expense, equipment, student aid, etc.), receivables (object codes 1230-1238), investments (17xx objects) and revenue, excluding grant revenue (object code 4600).

  10. Budgeted Overhead
    The amount in this column represents the sum of the project-to-date operating budget entries for overhead (object codes 5282 and 5292).

  11. Total Budgeted
    The amount in this column represents the sum of Net Budgeted Without Overhead plus Budgeted Overhead.

  12. Amount Available To Be Budgeted
    This column represents the difference between Budgetable Amount (PBUD) and Total Budgeted. A debit balance here indicates that the grant is underbudgeted; a credit balance indicates that the grant is overbudgeted. This column is calculated only on the sub-total line for the fund; this column will be blank for individual ORG/CREF combinations of the fund.

Last Page Of The Report:

On the last page of every report, two pieces of important information are provided: Report Parameters and Report Break - Resolved Parameters.
  1. Report Parameters
    The parameters used to request the report are printed on the last page as confirmation of what was requested. If the account combinations returned to you in the report are not what you expected, the report parameters list is a useful first place to start. At a minimum, you can verify the range of values you provided at the time you submitted the report.

  2. Report Break - Resolved Parameters
    The list provided here presents the list of values within the range you provided as Report Parameters that passed security verification. When a report is submitted, ORGanization parameters that were provided are compared against your security profile. All ORGanizations in the range that match your profile will be returned to you in the report.

    This is a good place to look if you did not get the results you expected. Compare the list of ORGanizations in this list against the parameter range you provided. If an ORGanization is missing, chances are it does not exist in your security profile.

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