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921. Active Users with Org Security Extract
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Last Updated: 09/11/14

This process is designed to provide a detail extract of “active” BEN Financials users with their current responsibilities and Org security. If a responsibility is secured, the extract will contain one record or line for each Org or Org range assigned in the user's security profile for that responsibility. The procedures to run an extract can be found in the BEN Balances Report Documentation>Report Extracts.

This extract is unsecured and can be run from the Senior BA Reporting Responsibility.

Sort Order:

The extract file is not sorted in any particular order. Since this is a "generic" extract designed to serve multiple purposes, each user can choose how best to sort the data once it has been transferred to a local workstation.


This extract has the following parameters:

  • Enter a valid File Name (no spaces) in the FILE NAME parameter- The extract will need the file name to determine how to name the extract file. Spaces and special characters are not allowed in the file name- an error will show up in the Request Log.

  • Enter the 2-Digit Center Number (required only if the ORG is blank)

  • Enter the ORGanization (required only if the CENTER is blank)

    *In order for the extract to run, either the Center or the Org must be entered. The extract will fail with an error if both parameters are left blank. The extract will also fail with an error if both parameters are entered. Errors will show up in the View Log of the Requests form.

File Layout:

From left to right, the columns will provide the following information:
Field Position # Column Name Description Maximum Length
1 User Name Name end user enters onto the logon screen when accessing BEN Financials 240
2 Name Full Name of End User (LAST, FIRST MI) 240
3 Responsibility End Users' Active BEN Financials responsibilities 240
4 Email Address Email address associated with the End User 240
5 Home ORG Value 4-digit number assigned to school/ center for which the report is being run 4
6 Home ORG Name Name of the ORGanization that manages the End User and their responsibilities 60
7 ORG Security (Low) Range of ORGs within an End Users Security Profile 4
8 ORG Security (High) Range of ORGs within an End Users Security Profile 4

File Transfer:

Once the report successfully completes, an *email will be sent to the user notifying them that the file is ready for retrieval and the file will be placed in the Secure Share File Exchange Service, where it will be available to download to the user’s workstation. The file name will be the name provided in the parameter at the time the extract was submitted. *Note: An email will be generated only if you have an accurate email address in Penn’s online directory. Otherwise, if you do not have a valid email address, in the Penn online directory, no email notification will be sent, but your file will be available on Secure Share once the report extract completes. To verify or update your record in the Penn online directory, go to You must enter your PennKey and password to access your record.

  1. Navigate to Secure Share at:
  2. Enter your Pennkey and Password to login
  3. Click on the 'Receive Documents' link
  4. You will see the notification of the extract(s) under 'Subject'
  5. Click on the extract link – this will open up the notification with the extract document in it
  6. Click on the link with the extract name and save the document

Please note the following regarding the Secure Share file retrieval:

  • Secure Share is available to all Penn faculty and staff with a valid PennKey and PennKey Password at:
  • Uploaded files will remain available for 30 days
  • Once a file has been downloaded by a recipient, it is only available on Secure Share to that recipient for the remainder of that day.
  • Once a file has been downloaded by all recipients, it will be deleted from Secure Share
  • Recipients should contact the sender directly if they have problems retrieving a file

For more information regarding Secure Share, visit:

For more information, please refer to Section 8, REPORT EXTRACTS at

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