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P2P Report Guidelines:
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Last Updated: 04/24/07

The following document is intended to provide a step-by-step guide to assist in running the P2P exception reports on a regular basis and guidance for taking action on the exceptions reported.

To proactively manage holds, it is recommended that buyers should run the following list of P2P reports each month at a minimum in this order. The exception would be the 501 Matching Holds Report which should be run weekly. These reports should be run as needed given that the standard for clearing holds to ensure timely supplier payment is 7 days (immediate for EDI invoices).

  • 030. Invoice Date to Payment Date Summary Report
  • 003. Invoice on Hold Summary Report
  • 501. Matching Holds Report
  • 010. Invoice Creation Exceeds Vendor Invoice Date Summary Report
  • 015. Invoice Creation Exceeds Vendor Invoice Date Detail Report
  • 011. PO Created After Vendor Invoice Date Summary Report
  • 016. PO Created After Vendor Invoice Date Detail Report

At a minimum, the 003, 010, 015, 011 and 016 reports should be run at the end of each month to gather your exception stats as of the “end of the month”. Once the reports have been run, the P2P Representative should contact the Buyer (PO Manager) with outstanding holds and request they run the 501 Matching Holds Report, and provide an explanation for the invoice holds, and rework with them to get the holds cleared. The key is to ensure the Buyer understand the required timeframes for clearing holds and rework within those parameters.

If unresolved holds are related to issues with the supplier, the Buyer should contact Purchasing Services to work with them to resolve the issues. If the unresolved holds are a result of procedural issues or system issues the buyer should contact BEN Helps or Accounts Payable.

Specific details for the P2P reports, report parameters, etc. can be found at the following link:

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