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BEN Helps Support Service

What is BEN Helps?

BEN Helps is the enhanced support service for users of the University's business and financial applications. By simply dialing 6-HELP (215.746.4357), you can get help with BEN Financials, Individual Disbursement Services, Concur Travel or Expense, BEN Deposits and Penn Works. If asked to enter your 2-digit School/Center code, it is the first 2 digits of your CNAC.

In addition to calling 6-HELP, you can enter a ticket via BEN Helps Online Support at http://BENHelps.finance.upenn.edu, search BEN Knows for possible solutions to your BEN Financials and BEN Reports questions or refer to your training materials.

What are BEN Financials?

BEN Financials consists of:

BEN Assets (Property Management)
BEN Balances (General Ledger)
BEN Buys (Purchasing)
and BEN Pays (Accounts Payable)

Trained Financial Support Providers (FSPs) will assist you with questions and problems when using BEN Financials.

What are FSPS?

Financial Support Providers, or FSPs, are trained to help you with questions and problems regarding BEN Financials (BEN Assets, BEN Balances, BEN Buys and BEN Pays).

By dialing 6-HELP (215.746.4357), selecting Option 1 for BEN Financials then entering your 2-digit School/Center code (the first 2 digits of your CNAC), you will be routed to an FSP. The FSP will remain your contact until your problem is resolved.

* Please Note: Normal processing requests of a Central area, such as posting encumbrance journals, creating legacy numbers, etc., should continue to be directed to the appropriate areas within the Division of Finance.

What is BEN Knows?

BEN Knows is the place to browse and search for possible solutions to your BEN Financials and BEN Reports questions.

In addition to using your training materials, calling 6-HELP or entering a ticket via BEN Helps Online Support at http://BENHelps.finance.upenn.edu, BEN Knows is another resource for you to utilize in getting help with your BEN Financials and BEN Reports questions.

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School/Center Codes

School/Center Code
Annenberg Center 19
Annenberg School 36
Arts & Sciences (SAS) 02
Athletics (DRIA) 24
Audit, Compliance & Privacy 78
Business Services 93
Campus Services 95
Dental Medicine, School of 51
Design, School of 33
Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) 90
Education, Graduate School of (GSE) 32
Engineering (SEAS) 13
Executive Vice President (EVP) 98
Facilities Management (FRES) 96
Facilities Services (FRES) 97
Finance, Division Of 87
Human Resources 92
Institute Of Contemporary Art (ICA) 61
Information Systems & Computing (ISC) 91
International Programs 62
Law School 56
Libraries 50
Medicine, School Of 40
Morris Arboretum 60
Museum 26
Nursing 06
President's Office 81
Provost Interdisciplinary 04
Provost's Center 83
Public Safety 79
Social Policy & Practice (SP2) 35
University Life (VPUL) - Student Activities 84
University Life (VPUL) - Student Services 85
University Life (VPUL) - College Houses & Academic Support 86
Veterinary Medicine, School of 58
Wharton 07
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