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Journals Definitions

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Finding Posted or Unposted Journals

Viewing a Journal Entry (by lines, entered amounts or description)

In GL Inquiry Responsibility:

  • Choose Inquiry>Journals.
  • Type in the batch or journal name.
  • Click [Find].
  • The journal(s) which meet your search criteria will be shown.
  • Select the journal that you would like to view by Clicking on it.
  • Click [Review Journal].
  • From the Journals form, place your cursor in the Lines zone.
  • Click the flashlight icon on your tool bar - the Find Lines window will open.
  • Enter your search criteria - you may query by line number(s), entered amounts (debit or credit), or description.
  • Click [Find]. The journals line(s) shown will be based on your search criteria.

Viewing a Posted Journal Using An Account Combination

In GL Inquiry Responsibility:

  • Choose Inquiry>Account.
  • Enter the Accounting Periods.
  • Accept the default "Actual" (or select "Encumbrance" if appropriate) as the Primary Balance Type. NOTE: if you select Encumbrance as the primary balance type, you must select an encumbrance type (i.e. Commitment, Encumbrance, Invoice Encumbrance etc.)
  • Click on the Accounts field, this will open the Find Accounts window.
  • Enter the account combination (the segments entered in the low fields will default to the high fields).
  • Click [OK].
  • A list of account combinations will be displayed, based on the search criteria entered.
  • Click on the line of the account you want to review.
  • Click [Show Balances] to view balances.
  • In the Detail Balances form, click on the month that you want to review.
  • Click [Journal Details].
  • Click on the batch that you wish to review.
  • Click on the [Show Full Journal] to review the journal.
  • When the journal is displayed, the message line will indicate "this batch has been posted"

Viewing an Unposted Journal

In Journal Entry- General Responsibility:

  • Choose Journals>Enter.
  • In the Find Journals window, enter the journal or batch name using wildcards (%).
  • Tab to the Posting Status field and enter U% (Unposted), then select [Find].
  • The journal(s) that meet your search criteria will be shown.
  • Select the journal that you would like to review by clicking on the journal.
  • Click [Review Journal].
  • Changes to Journals can be made to "Unposted" journals only.
  • If the journal already has funds reserved, the funds must be unreserved before any data in the journal can be changed.
  • Click [More Actions].
  • Click [Unreserve Funds] - a pop-up box with the following message will appear: “Your transaction(s) passed funds Unreservation".
  • Click [OK] to acknowledge the message.

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