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Reporting/Printing Definitions

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Exporting Data from a Form

Users can export data from BEN Financials into Excel from any BEN Financials Responsibility. Some examples would be exporting a posted Journal with many lines, exporting posted or unposted Journals for a particular period, or export approved Purchase Orders by Buyer or particular time frame.

For example let’s say you want to export a Posted Journal with many lines.

For Windows 10, Excel 2013, and Internet Explorer 11/Firefox 40

  • Navigate to Journal Entry-General, Find your Journal, then click Review Journal to open it
  • Be sure to click on Line 1 of the Journal then click File > Export
  • A ‘Progress’ pop-up box will appear displaying the status (%) of data exported
  • Once the exporting status reaches 100%, a ‘File Download’ pop-up box will appear with a message, “Do you want to open or save this file?”
    • Save the file first by clicking on Save drop down, then Save as and select where you would like to save your file (i.e. Desktop), and click Save

Follow steps below in order to export data within BEN Financials into Excel. If at any point during these steps you are prompted with a message i.e. “You do not have administrative privileges…”then follow Instructions for opening TSV file in Excel with Text Import Wizard.

  • After downloading the file right click on it
  • Select Open With then Choose Default Programs
  • If Excel is listed under Recommended Programs then select Excel and make sure to select check mark under “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” then click OK
  • The file will open in Excel and column and rows can be resized as needed, also the file can now be saved in Excel format
  • If Excel is not listed under Recommended Programs follow these additional steps to add Excel
    • Click on Browse…
    • Open with… Dialog box will appear on the screen
    • Navigate to Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Microsoft Office > Office 15 > then find and click on EXCEL then click OPEN
    • You will now see Excel under Recommended Programs

Instructions for opening TSV file in Excel with Text Import Wizard.

  • Open Excel then find the TSV file and click OPEN
  • You will see the “Text Import Wizard – Step 1 of 3” and for the file type choose ‘Delimited’ and click Next
  • After clicking Next on steps 2 and 3 the file will open in Excel where the rows and columns can be adjusted and the file can be saved in Excel format

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Fast Facts

FastFacts are useful tips about BEN Financials. To see a complete FastFact, click MORE. To view all of the FastFacts click on 'FastFacts' from the left navigation column.
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