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Journal During Project (e to h)
Capital Project Accounting Procedures

REVISED as of June 9, 2011

In this hypothetical example, an anonymous School (School 03) is erecting a new building, to be named later. The building is categorized as "general use" and will include classrooms, computer laboratories, seminar rooms, and faculty and administrative offices.

The School Surrogate organization, 0300, is used for most of the entries, although other organizations in the School, and in other Schools and Centers, are sometimes used as funding sources. Organization 0320 and its associated Research Institute 0325, among others, will occupy the building. Organization 0345 is the clinical practice of the department.

A variety of funds, both real and imaginary, are used.

The school's default program value for its regular activities is 4567.  The program value assigned to the project is 8123. The program value assigned to the building is 9876.

The center reference values are always all zeros in the transactions in the Capital Construction Fund (Fund 000010). The school has defined a center reference value of 1234 to be used to flag other transactions associated with this project. Another center reference, 5678, is used for transactions associated with Professor Star, who leads the Research Institute.

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