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PDA Form Processing Guidelines

To reduce exceptions which result in added administrative time and extend payment time to suppliers or individuals, it is expected that all PDA Forms submitted to AP will be completed in accordance with policy and procedures. This means the PDA Form will be completed accurately and completely, include all required supporting documentation and include the appropriate approval. Once received in AP PDA Forms will be processed between 5 and 7 days.

In addition, the following information on the PDA Form must be typed:

  1. Company’s or Individual's name
  2. Address
  3. Vendor Number
  4. Federal tax ID or Social Security Number (last four digits for faculty, staff or students)
  5. Invoice date
  6. Invoice number
  7. Amount to be paid
  8. 26-digit account number
  9. Explanation of payment

AP utilizes the following procedures and criteria for handling PDA Form exceptions, either by returning PDA Forms with exceptions through Intramural Mail or electronically through BEN

Intramural Mail: PDA Forms will be sent back to the TAC Holder who embossed it.

  • Wrong form used
  • Missing TAC and/or signature
  • TAC Card has expired
  • Total Amount on PDA Form is greater than TAC holder limit
  • PDA is a photocopy
  • No Vendor # on the PDA Form and no W9 attached
  • Information on PDA Form not typed

Electronically via BEN: PDA Forms will be sent back to the TAC Reviewer List
The TAC Reviewer list can be found at the following link: http://www.finance.upenn.edu/ben/benfin/documentation/itac1.shtml

  • Missing Invoice #
  • Invoice number must not contain “words” it can consist of letters and numbers
  • Missing Invoice Date
  • Total dollar amount of lines does not equal what is written on the PDA Form
  • Invalid GL Account
  • Duplicate Invoice #
  • Name provided on PDA Form doesn’t match name in BEN
  • SSN # on PDA Form does not match what is in BEN

Proper Form Use

The Accounts Payable office is responsible for processing all Procurement/Disbursement Authorization Forms.

Active Employees/Students (PDA-ES Form) Procurement/Disbursement Authorization Form

This form should be used for Employees/Students and Foreign National Employee/Students for taxable payments. Reimbursements should be going through Concur.

Non-Affiliates (PDA-NA Form) Procurement/Disbursement Authorization Form

This form should be used for Corporate Suppliers/Individuals or Non Corporate Entities.

Foreign Non-Affiliates (Corporation/Individuals) (PDA-F Form) Procurement/Disbursement Form

Method of payment – PDA-F (Payment Authorization/Disbursement Form) This form should be used for:
  • A Foreign Draft for Foreign Companies and Foreign Individuals requesting to be paid in Foreign Currency.
  • Foreign Companies and Foreign Individuals requesting to be paid in US Dollars.

*Please Note: Foreign Companies and Foreign Individuals do not require a W-9 to be provided. However, a Foreign National Request will require a W-9. New Foreign Vendors must attach a W-8 and other corresponding documentation required by policy.

Will Calls

Method of payment – PDA Form
  • Requests must be hand delivered to the Accounts Payable Office. All Will Call requests must be placed in the bin inside the AP office during open business hours which are between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. each day. Please do not place the Will Calls in the drop box in the Franklin Building Lobby or the mail slot outside the AP office. This can result in a delay in processing time or it can result in the Will Call being processed as a regular request. Will Calls are generally processed within three business days, unless it is a new vendor which can sometimes take longer. AP does not notify the field when the Will Call checks are ready for pick up. It is the responsibility of the field to check the system on the 3rd business day to see if the check was cut. If the check was cut it will be ready for pick up in the Accounts Payable office during open hours. If the payment is not in BEN, then the field should call AP to see why it is not in the system. Please check off the appropriate box when requesting a Will Call. Please have a valid Penn I.D. when picking up Will Call checks. Guest cards are not honored as valid Penn I.D.

Please see the below criteria that AP will use for determining Will Calls:

  • Deposits and Final Payments that are due the day of the event
  • Conference and Hotel Registrations
  • Payments to Southern Wine & Spirits
  • Payments to the Department of Homeland Security
  • Payments to the Student Federal Credit Union for tokens
  • Study Participants
  • Awards
  • Honorariums
  • Payments required at the time of service

*Please Note: A Will Call Request will be rejected if the event or services have already taken place.


Method of payment – PDA Form
  • An Attachment request is only for items that need to have the invoice/backup sent in order for the company to apply the check. This process is not to be used to get an invoice paid quicker. Attachments will be paid according to the payment terms in which they are set up. Please consult the BEN Financials Commodity Matrix for the most appropriate payment option such as paying with a purchasing card or on a purchase order. Examples of payments that may need to include an attachment: City of Philadelphia tax bills, conference registrations, electric bills, gas bills, hotel deposits, memberships, subscriptions, telephone, and water bills. When paying utility invoices the Invoice number should consist of the account number followed by the 4 digit date MMYY. (Example Account 5679 July 2010 Bill should be 56790710) Please ensure that everyone is following this format for all utility payments. Please check off the appropriate box when requesting an Attachment. The Accounts Payable department is responsible for sending out attachments with checks. If UPS is requested please check off the appropriate box on the PDA-Form and attach the UPS envelope to the PDA-Form.

Petty Cash

Method of payment - Petty cash fund Supplier number:52995
Site: Philadelphia-1
  • Petty cash reimbursements received from the Cashiers Office are entered into the accounts payable system daily.
  • Petty Cash Voucher Slips are required to be attached to each receipt.

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