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Off Cycle Payment Requests
Policies & Procedures

Off Cycle Payment Requests are for emergency purposes only

  • There should never be more than one in a month, shouldn't be more than one in a year for any given employee
  • They are to be requested under the following circumstance only:
    Employee receives less than 75% of regular pay.

How to make your request:

  • Call Payroll Office first for preliminary approval - 215.898.6301
  • Enter Late Pay on-line - it must be approved by someone in your department or school
  • Print Late Pay Process screen
  • Print Updated Job Assignment screen
  • The Payroll Office with complete justification of request along with processed late pay and updated job assignment screens
  • Please put only one request on each memo

Justification must include:

  • A detailed reason why the employee was not paid (be specific)
  • The name of the person in Payroll who verbally approved the Off Cycle payment
  • The ORG where you entered the late pay
  • Your signature
  • The signature of the senior BA in your department

Hand carry the request to the Payroll Department

Please note that the Payroll Office will process requests as they are submitted to the office and will make every attempt to ensure that the employee has their payment by their designated pay date. However, due to peaks in volume you and your employee must allow three business days for the payment to be produced.

To help ensure that your employee receives their pay by their scheduled paydate each payroll administrator should be sure to run salary management reports from either the Warehouse or UMIS ON TUESDAY MORNING AFTER THE WEEKLY PAYROLL RUNS OR THE DAY AFTER THE MONTHLY PAYROLL RUNS to verify that all of their employee’s were paid as expected. In the event that someone was paid incorrectly – this will allow 3 to 4 days to process an off cycle payment. Please - don’t wait for your employee to find the mistake on payday as this cause a financial hardship and also potentially delays their pay by several days.

*NOTE: Payroll coordinators should contact PIs for new account numbers to replace expired accounts in plenty of time to affect the next payroll. If the PI, or in some cases, another department, does not respond in a timely manner, the Home ORG is responsible to ensure the money is paid using anticipated resources, then reallocate when the correct information becomes available. All salaried employees should be guaranteed their monthly salary on time every month.

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