Welcome to BEN Deposits Application Training!

In order to continue with the BEN Deposits application training, you must have performed the following:

BEN Deposits Application Training Procedure

1. Please print and review the following materials:

  • BEN Deposits User Guide [PDF]
  • BEN Deposits Workshops [PDF]

2. Log on to the BEN Deposits Training Environment

  • You will use your PennNET ID and password to authenticate your access to the training area for BEN Deposits
  • Reminder: In order to access the BEN Deposits Training Environment you must complete the BEN Deposits Access Request Form

3. Complete the BEN Deposits Workshops

  • Be sure to record the deposit tracking numbers and other items that are requested by the exercises and workshops

4. Complete and submit the on-line Workshop Answer Sheet to the Financial Training Department

5. Recieve access one week after submitting your completed BEN Deposits Workshops

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Financial Training Department for clarification.

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