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University of Pennsylvania
Financial Systems
Suite 318/322 Franklin Building
3451 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19104

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Information Technology and Support

[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

I'm considering a new phone, how do I move the Google Authenticator app for PennKey Two Factor Authentication to my new phone?

Please make sure opt-out of Two Factor prior to moving to your new phone. Then, you can opt-in with new phone by following these directions. If you have already moved to your new phone, you will need to use one of the 10 codes generated list that was created back when you opted-in. If you cannot locate your 10 codes generated, please submit a ticket in Footprints Service Desk:

How do I get my new employee a network login ID and/or email account?

In order to create accounts for newly hired employees, the ITS Department requires some information about your new employee with at least 1 day prior notice. New account access can be requested in FootPrints Service Desk:

I have hired a temporary employee and they need a network login ID and/or email account. How can I get this for them?

In order to create accounts for temporary employees, the ITS Department requires some information about your new employee with at least 1 day prior notice.. New account access can be requested in FootPrints Service Desk:

I have an employee that will be leaving the University. How do I cancel their network login ID and/or email account?

The ITS Department needs to be notified of all departures ONE WEEK before the employee's last day. Account deletion can be requested in FootPrints Service Desk:

An employee has left the University without notice. How do I immediately cancel all accounts and access for this employee?

Due to the sensitive information in various departments, it may be necessary to immediately cancel a departing employee's accounts. Please notify ITS IMMEDIATELY of these situations. To immediately disabled accounts, contact ITS Service Desk at 215.898.HLPU or contact Joe Shannon directly at 8-4468.

Are my files on the network secure?

Yes. The files placed on your "U: Drive" can only be accessed by you. Also, files that are placed on the "G: Drive" can only be accessed by your department members.

Are my files backed up?

Yes. Your files on the network drives (G: through Z:) are backed up each night, starting around 10PM. Because of the amount of data on our servers, this process runs all night and ends about 6AM.

Note: Your files are backed up nightly, starting around 10PM. If your computer is left on overnight then there is a risk that your files will not be backed up.

Why are my files backed up?

Your files are very important. If a network outage or file corruption occurs, then we need the proper procedures in place to recover your important information.

What is a PennNet ID and Password?

A PennNet ID and password authenticates your use of PennNet and its connection to the Internet. Your PennNet ID must be unique, and your password must adhere to certain rules that make it difficult for someone else to guess. More information about your PennNet ID can be found at:

When is a PennNet ID needed?

ITS recommends that all employees obtain a PennNet ID, because of the growing number of applications that require PennNet aunthentication. You need a PennNet ID and password to:

  • Obtain an Penn O365 email account
  • Access PTO system and HR/Payroll information at U@Penn web portal
  • Use a growing number of Web-based services
  • Download site-licensed software from Penn's FTP server
  • Use some computer labs on campus
My PennNet password is not working. What should i do?

If you have forgotten your PennNet ID and/or password, you need to re-swipe your PENN card at the PennNet ID center, located on the send floor 3401 Walnut Street, Wing C. Remember: passwords are case sensitive (e.g., uppercase and lowercase letters make a difference). If you get a "password incorrect" error, always make sure that the 'Caps Lock' key on your keyboard is not set.

How do I obtain an Adminstrative Mainframe ID and Password (Pxxxxxx)?

An Administrative Mainframe ID application can be found at under the Payroll section. Complete the application, have your Business Administrator sign the form, and bring or send it to the ITS department (Room 322, Franklin Building) for processing. New ID requests usually take 1 week from the receipt of a completed form.

What is an Administrative Mainframe Logon?

An Administrative Mainframe Logon ID is used to access applications supported by Information Systems and Computing (ISC) - such as Payroll/Personnel, Development and Gifts and the Student Records System.

I have forgotten my Administration Mainframe Logon password. What do I do?

Call the ISC Hotline at 215.898.1099.


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