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Financial Systems
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Information Technology and Support

[ Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) ]

Supported Devices & Software

Any device or software that does not fall within these specifications will not be configured or supported by ITS Support. ITS supports Exchange synchronization only to these PDA devices; we do not support applications on the PDA/Smartphones listed below.

All PDA devices (Android, Blackberry, iPhone & Windows OS) offered wireless synchronization with:

ISC Exchange 2010 Server

Android Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy models, Motorola Droid models, Google Nexus models and HTC One models
  • Android OS 3.2 or higher (NOTE: Devices below OS 4.1 will require Divide App {free} to sync email)
  • AT&T Wireless Voice and Data Service
  • Verizon Wireless Voice and Data Service


  • Models Z10 (Product Details) with Blackberry v10 OS (Available March/April 2013)
  • AT&T Voice and Data Service
  • Verizon Wireless Voice and Data Service
  • Effective June 2013, Blackberry devices will use Exchange’s “active sync” for email, contacts and calendar synchronization with Blackberry new devices only. Older Blackberry device will no longer be supported by ISC Exchange by June 31, 2013.


  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 models with OS v4 or higher
  • AT&T Voice and Data Service
  • Verizon Wireless Voice and Data Service

Windows Mobile

  • Models: Nokia Lumia 820/822, Nokia Lumia 900/920, HTC Trophy HTC Windows Phone 8X and Samsung Focus 2
  • Windows Mobile OS v7.1 or higher
  • Verizon Wireless Voice and Data Service
  • AT&T Voice and Data Service

PDA/Smartphone applications are not supported by ITS Support so there will be no local PC software installation required. If a user chooses to install applications on PDA/Smartphones, users can install the synchronization software (For example - iTunes or Blackberry Desktop) on their home PC's or from their vendor’s “cloud” service - from Google Play, Blackberry MarketPlace, iStore, or Windows MarketPlace. Please note users are responsible & are encouraged to back up application purchases, pictures and other personal items on their devices either by synchronizing to local home PC or a “cloud” backup service.

PDA Purchases

It is strongly recommended that users considering the personal purchase of a PDA with the intention of using the device with University owned equipment, consult an ITS representative for supported devices information. An enterprise data plan is required to synchronize with the ISC Exchange server and comply with ISC PDA policy:

Even though ITS Support purchases the PDA/Smartphone device, the individual departments are responsible for the monthly billing payments via UPenn Purchasing card.

If a department within the Division of Finance is intending to purchase a PDA for an employee, it is recommended that they submit a request (Footprints Ticket) allowing ITS Support to make the purchase on the department's behalf. Please include a Budget Code and preferred PDA model and data/voice service provider within the request.

Support Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the user to submit a request (Footprints Ticket) for ITS support for the installation, configuration and support of PDA's used for business purposes within the Division of Finance. Also, users need to understand ISC Exchange servers administrators policy:

  • The University reserves the right to reset to factory state (wipe) lost or stolen devices if necessary to protect confidential University data contained on the device, whether or not the device is owned by Penn. Device wipe also could occur upon separation of service from Penn.


It is the responsibility of the ITS Support Staff to install, configure and support PDA devices that are connected and synchronizing with University owned computers. ITS Support will also inform users on new handheld technology as well as keeping PDA users informed of software updates to optimize the performance and functionality of these devices.


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