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[ Workers' Compensation ]

FAQ 08:

I've received a completed release form that indicates that the injured employee cannot return to work at this time. How should this be handled?

Be sure to contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance before proceeding with the following:

Once it is determined that an injured employee cannot return to work and has been approved for Workers' Compensation Leave of Absence, the following procedures must be followed to insure correct payment.

Note: The first seven (7) calendar days an employee was schedule to work following a Workers' Compensation qualifying incident must be charged to the employee's sick time.

The following changes to the employee's record should be made by the Home ORG Departmental Payroll Administrator in PennWorks seven (7) calendar days after the date of the Workers' Compensation qualifying incident:

  1. In PennWorks, select the LOA Task
  2. Status: On Leave Absence Without Pay
  3. Effective: Date LOA begins
  4. LOA Return: Six months for non-union; one year for union employees
  5. LOA Reason: Disability Workers Compensation Only (01)
  6. Click on [Submit]
  7. Go to the Bio Update Task
  8. Salary Key: Worker’s Compensation
  9. Click on [Submit]
  10. Go to the Add/Update Distributions Task
  11. Enter the salary distribution Stop date effective seven (7) calendar days from the first absence related to the disability
  12. Click on [Submit]
Note that these procedures also apply for workers who cannot be accommodated with "restricted" duty

For detailed information, please be sure to read the contents of: Risk Management and Insurance Policy 2608 Occupational Injury or Illness

Note: In cases involving Unionized University staff, please refer to the terms and conditions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.


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