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[ Workers' Compensation ]

Workers’ Compensation provides wage loss benefits and medical treatment benefits in compliance with Pennsylvania law while you are disabled from a work related injury, illness or disease.


If you are a faculty or staff member of the university (including part-time, temporary, academic, and nonacademic employees) who is receiving a Penn paycheck, you are covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Postdocs are not considered to be employees of the university and are not covered by the university’s Workers’ Compensation.

Reporting a Claim

An individual who sustains and occupational injury or illness is to immediately report the injury or illness to his or her supervisor.

The supervisor, along with the employee, is to report the claim to PMA. The preferred method of reporting claims is online at*

  • Go to
  • Click on “Report A Claim” on the bottom right of screen
  • The Username is “9127093” and the Password is “newclaim”
  • Fill out the online claim form and hit “Submit”
  • When the claim is submitted, there will be a confirmation page with a claim number.

The employee is to print this confirmation page and take it to a Panel Provider.

A copy of the New Bolton Center panel is available here.

A copy of the Morris Arboretum panel is available here.

*Claims can also be reported by phone by calling 1-877-335-5213

Workers’ Compensation Waiting Period

  • According to Pennsylvania state law, lost wage benefits are paid after the first seven (7) calendar days of lost time
  • The employee’s sick time should be used for the first five (5) days of lost time to cover the waiting period
  • If the lost time from work exceeds 13 calendar days, then the entire time lost from work is covered by Workers’ Compensation benefits, and the sick time used is restored to the employee upon return to work.
  • The Departmental Payroll Administrator is responsible for placing the employee on Workers' Compensation Leave of Absence. This action should take place soon as the employee has been has been out of the workplace for seven (7) calendar days AND has been approved for Workers' Compensation benefits.

Benefits Continuation

  • While an employee is on Workers’ Compensation leave, there is no accrual of sick leave or Paid Time Off.
  • During the initial thirty days an employee is on Workers’ Compensation leave:
    • The employee’s benefits are continued. Deductions that would normally be taken from the employee’s paycheck instead accumulate in a suspense account.
    • The employee must contact the Human Resource Benefits Department within this thirty-day period to make arrangements for continuation of benefits, and to pay the employee’s share of the cost.
  • This cost is typically equivalent to the share normally deducted from the employee’s paycheck.
  • Any amount accumulated in the suspense account during the first thirty days must also be paid by the employee.
  • After the first thirty days and up to the end of the first twelve months from the date the employee initially began his/her Workers’ Compensation leave:
    • The employee’s benefits are continued, providing the employee has contacted the Benefits Department during the initial thirty-day period to arrange for continuation of benefits.
    • Deductions that would normally be taken from the employee’s paycheck are instead billed directly to the employee.
    • The employee will continue to earn service credit for those benefits that are dependent upon length of service.
    • Individuals may continue making payments to their tax-deferred annuity plan on an after tax basis.
    • If the employee makes no arrangement to continue benefits or stops paying the employee’s share, all benefits will be terminated immediately (In this event, COBRA benefits (as described in section 4) will not be offered).
  • After the end of the first twelve months from the date the employee initially began his/her Workers’ Compensation leave:
    • Any benefits for which the employee has been paying are terminated.
    • The employee may continue medical and/or dental benefits under COBRA for a period up to eighteen months subject to COBRA provisions.
    • Life insurance benefits may be converted to an individual contract.
  • Employees who are out of the workplace due to a work-related injury or illness may be required to concurrently use benefits under the Family Medical Leave policy. Please see Penn Human Resources Policy No: 631, Family and Medical Leave, for further information.
  • This document provides a basic overview of benefits continuation as related to Workers’ Compensation leaves of absence. All specific questions relating to benefits availability while on a Workers’ Compensation leave of absence should be referred to the Benefits Department of the Division of Human Resources.
  • Unionized University staff is excluded from this section of the policy and should refer to the terms and conditions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

Return to Work

  • Upon returning from a Workers’ Compensation leave, the employee must present the appropriate medical evaluation form to his/her supervisor and/or payroll manager.
  • In the case of an employee being permitted to return to work with restrictions, the department will make every effort to accommodate any physical limitations placed on the employee by the treating physician.
  • All specific questions relating to whether an employee has fulfilled the requirements to return to work should be directed to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.
  • If the employee’s Workers’ Compensation leave was for more than thirteen (13) calendar days, the employee is then eligible to have any sick leave and Paid Time Off used during the initial “waiting period” reinstated.
  • The Departmental Payroll Administrator is responsible for contacting the Human Resource Benefits Department to arrange for proper adjustment of the employee’s paid time off accruals.
  • The Departmental Payroll Administrator is responsible for updating the employee’s payroll record to properly indicate that he/she has returned to active status.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to contact the Human Resource Benefits Department upon return to work to insure that benefits for which the employee may be eligible are reinstated.

Questions about Workers' Compensation?
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