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Treasurer Office
University of Pennsylvania
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Cash and Debt Management

[ Debt Management ]

The mission for Debt Management is to provide competitive real returns for the University's working capital pool while maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet University cash requirements.

Internal Finance

Internal Finance manages internal capital project certifications and internal loans. We provide services for certifying funding for approved Capital Projects, including Internal Capital Project Loans (intra-University lending); see Capital Project Accounting Procedures for more information. We also administer the Equipment Purchase Loan Program (EPLP) to finance equipment purchases for schools and centers.

Copies of all loan document are maintained and are available at the request of schools and centers.

Capital Project Funding and Financing

"Capital projects" are renovations and new construction with estimated total costs of $100,000 or more. (See Financial Policy 1106, Plant Assets.) Renovations and other projects with estimated total costs of less than $100,000 are normally not capitalized. These projects are budgeted and charged directly to the school/center's operating budget using object code 5407. (See for more information on non-capitalized projects.)

The expenses, funding, and financing of all capital projects are recorded in the "capital account". This is a 26-digit FinMIS account composed of:

  • CNAC and org of the school/center responsible for the project
  • Budgetary control of "0"
  • Fund "000010"
  • Program value unique to the capital project
  • Center Reference "0000"

The Office of the Treasurer will verify and "certify" capital project funding for certain schools/centers.

The Office of the Treasurer also certifies capital project financing. An amortization schedule with the anticipated interest rate, principal and term is distributed to the school/center. At project closure, a copy of the final amortization schedule with the final interest rate and principal is sent to the school/center showing their debt scheduled payments during the life of the loan.

The Internal Finance department manages all anticipated internal capital project loans and periodically distributes spreadsheets to each school/center reflecting their scheduled debt service over the next five fiscal years, to facilitate the budgeting process of each school/center.

At the end of every month, the dollar difference between the amount of funding and the total expenses in each capital project generates either an internal capital project loan or a surplus in the capital account. This loan/surplus incurs/earns an interim interest amount that is charged to/credited to the school/center at the beginning of the following fiscal year. The Internal Finance department strives to prepare funding certifications promptly to minimize the unanticipated interim interest expense a school/center incurs when an unanticipated loan is generated.

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