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901. Overinvoiced Uninvoiced Receipts Report
Last Updated: 03/02/09

The 900.Uninvoiced Receipts Report includes only uninvoiced receipts for purchase orders where the quantity billed is less than the quantity ordered. Therefore, the 901.Overinvoiced Uninvoiced Receipts Report can be used to view uninvoiced receipts where the quantity billed is greater than or equal to the quantity ordered. Uninvoiced receipts on the 901 report do not show on the 900 report and are not part of the year-end receipt accrual. If there are legitimate uninvoiced receipts on the 901 report, the user can create manual accrual entries for these receipts. Additionally, this report can be used to identify receiving errors and purchase orders that are being overbilled.

Examples of when receipts show on the 900 and 901 report are as follows:


This report is unsecured and can be run from the following responsibility:
Senior BA Reporting

Sort Order:

The report sort order is by Purchase Order Number in descending order (most recent purchase order first).


This is a standard Oracle report; all fields on the parameters page are NOT used in Penn’s environment.

Enter ONLY the following parameters:

  • CNAC (Low-High) -(Required- only if the ORG is blank)
  • ORG (Low-High) - (Required- only if the CNAC is blank)
  • Fiscal Year – C (Current Fiscal Year), P (Previous Fiscal Years Only), A (All Fiscal Years)
  • Minimum Accrual Amount - Enter the minimum accrual amount that you want to see on this report (i.e. if $1,000 is entered then the report will only return accrual amounts for purchase order lines that have overinvoiced uninvoiced receipts that are >= $1,000).

To ensure that the report output is what you requested, select “0” print copies prior to submitting your report request. Once you have verified the report output, select the reprint option from the Requests form, Tools> Reprint.

Report Heading:

The report heading includes the following information:

Penn General Ledger 901.Overinvoiced Uninvoiced Receipts Report (Report Name) Report Date and Time
Page sequence

Report Layout:

Illustration 1: Purchase Order Line and Shipment Detail.

PO Line Detail - Provides information about the Purchase Order #, Vendor, Buyer, Creation Date, PO Line Number, Type, Category, and Description.

PO Shipment Detail - Provides the same Line Shipment Number, Quantity Ordered, Quantity Received, Quantity Billed, and Accrual Amount. The accrual is created by using the following calculation (Qty Received x Unit Price) - (Qty Billed x Unit Price)


Illustration 2: Purchase Order Distribution.

PO Distribution Detail - Provides the Distribution Number, Distribution Quantity Ordered, Distribution Quantity Received, Distribution Quantity Billed, Unit Price, PO Charge Account, Accrual Account, and Distribution Accrual Amount. The accrual is created by using the following calculation (Dist Qty Received x Unit Price) - (Dist Qty Billed x Unit Price)

901 illustration 2

First Page of the Report:

The parameters used to request the report are printed on this page.