BEN Balances - MJE Interfund Knowledge Building

Who Should Register: This course is intended for administrative and support staff of the University who are responsible for the financial management of their area as well as those who need to gain an understanding of and access to the University's interfund manual journal entry process.

Prerequisite: None

Access Form Requirements:    BEN Financials Access Request eForm

Tip: Submit the BEN Financials Access Request eForm AFTER training is completed.

Course Description: In this training session users will learn:

  • The BEN Financials Interfund Journal Entry process for handling transactions that occur between the University and the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) including:
    • Revenue and expense journals
    • Payroll reallocations for UPHS
    • Non-grant adjustments
    • Transfer of resources to reimburse grant related equipment purchases
    • Operating and non-operating transfers

Course Length: Self-paced

Delivery Method: Web-based

Completion Requirements:

  • Review of slide presentation
  • Quiz at the end of slides - passing grade 100%

No Show Fee:    N/A