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900. Uninvoiced Receipts Report
Last Updated: 10/02/14

The 900.Uninvoiced Receipts report is designed to provide a preview of all accrual entries that will be posted to your school/ center’s 26-digit account in June as part of year end processing. The accrual calculation is derived from the quantity/amount receipted less the quantity/amount billed times the unit price for a purchase order distribution line.

This report is unsecured and can be run from PO Manager and PO/CO Manager responsibility.

Sort Order:

The report sort order is by Charge Account, PO #, PO Line #, PO Shipment # and PO Distribution #.


This is a standard Oracle report; all fields on the parameters page are NOT used in Penn’s environment.

Enter ONLY the following parameters:

  • Title – Enter a title for the report (No restrictions for the data entered in Title field)
  • CNAC (Low-High) - (Required- only if the ORG is blank)
  • ORG (Low-High) - (Required- only if the CNAC is blank)
  • Minimum Accrual Amount* – (Required- enter the minimum accrual amount that you want to see on this report (i.e. if 1000 is entered then the report will only show accrual amounts for purchase order distribution lines that have uninvoiced receipts that are ≥ $1,000)
  • Period Name - Enter the current accounting period

*Note: The report will return $0 accrual entries if the ‘Minimum Accrual Amount’ parameter field is left blank. We strongly recommend you enter a value of 1 or greater to prevent these $0 entries to appear on your report. Any $0 entries which are displayed on the report are for informational purposes only.


DO NOT use the following parameters. Accept the default

  • Accrued Receipts- Accept the default (NULL)
  • Include Online Accruals- Accept the default (NO)
  • Categories (From-To)- The report will not complete if these fields are entered
  • Vendors (From-To)- The report will not complete if these fields are entered
  • Sort By- Accept default (NULL)

Note: All purchasing reports are unsecured therefore a CNAC and/or ORG should be entered when running the report. Otherwise, the report will complete with accrual entries for ALL schools and centers.

IMPORTANT NOTE - When you ‘Submit a New Request’ the report will not print out to your designated BEN printer even if your print copies option is set to “1”. The report layout is defined as a PDF document, therefore in order to print the report you must ‘View Output’ then select the Print icon or File> Print from the menu bar.

Report Heading:

The report heading includes the following information:

Penn General Ledger Uninvoiced Receipts Report (Report Name)
Report Title (specified by user on parameters screen)
Report Date
Page sequence

First Page of the Report

Report Parameters
The parameters used to request the report are printed on the first page as confirmation of what was requested. If the uninvoiced receipts data returned to you in the report are not what you expected, the report parameters list is a useful first place to start. At a minimum, you can verify the range of values you provided at the time you submitted the report.

Report Layout:

Section #1: PO Line Detail- provides information about the purchase order; the PO #, PO Line #, Item Category, Description, Vendor, Accrual Amount and Accrual Currency.
Section #2: PO Shipment Detail- provides the same information as shown on the Quantity Detail folder from the Purchase Order Shipments screen in PO Manager. This section of the report shows the Shipment #, Quantity/Amount Received, Quantity/Amount Billed. The report also displays the Unit Price, PO Currency, Functional Unit Price and Accrual Amount.
Section #3: PO Distribution Detail- provides the same information as shown on the PO Distribution Details folder from the Purchase Order Distributions screen in PO Manager. This section of the report shows the Distribution #, Quantity/Amount Received, Quantity/Amount Billed, the 26-digit Charge Account, Accrual Account and Accrual Amount for that distribution. The Quantity/Amount Received, Quantity/Amount Billed and Unit Price are used to calculate the accrual amount for the distribution. The accrual is created by using the following calculation (Quantity Received x Unit Price) - (Quantity Billed x Unit Price).