PennWorks/Payroll/Personnel System

Who Should Register: This course is intended for administrative and support staff responsible for originating or updating payroll data for their area as well as those who need to gain an understanding of and access to the PennWorks/Payroll/Personnel System.


Access Form Requirements: Request for Administrative Mainframe LOGON ID

Tip: Bring the completed Request for Adminisstrative Mainframe LOGON ID to the training class.

Course Description: This training provides participants with a basic understanding of the Human Resources and Payroll policies and procedures as related to entries, edits, and updates in the PennWorks/Payroll/Personnel System

Course Length: Five half days

Delivery Method: Instructor Led

Completion Requirements:

  • Prerequisites
  • Class attendance
  • Review of class activities and workshops by the Trainer
  • PennWorks and Time Reporting Quizzes
  • Completion of appropriate logon access form
  • For Medical and Dental Schools Only! Attendance of PennWorks/Payroll/Personnel System - CPUP Only training

No Show Fee: $500.00