Student Services

Student Services

The role of the Office of the Cashier within the Student Service Center is to distribute refund checks, distribute loan (Stafford and Optional) checks, distribute work study checks, accept student bill payments, and process student advances. Additional information appears below. If you require further information about the items below, please contact Student Financial Services by email at SFS MAIL, by telephone at 215-898-1988 or visit their web-site at SFS. If you need specific information about your student account, you can access Penn-In-Touch web page at Penn-In-Touch or contact Student Financial Services at 215-898-1988.


Loan (Stafford & Optional) Check Endorsements

Students can endorse their Stafford loan check and/or optional loan check at the Cashier’s Office. The check will be applied to the student’s account accordingly.


Student Bill Payments

Students now have the option of paying their bills directly to the Cashier’s Office instead of routing their payments to the University’s lockbox provider. The student’s account will be credited the same day if the payment is received in the Cashier’s Office by 4:30 pm. Any payments received after that time, credit would be applied to the student’s account the following business day.

Please Note - Only cash or check payments are accepted at the Cashier's Office.  If a student wishes to pay their bill via credit card, they can pay online by logging into Penn.Pay through Penn-In-Touch: Penn-In-Touch.


SFS offers students, a service which enables students to receive their Penn monthly student account bill statement over the web, and to submit payments on-line, using an electronic interface with their bank.


Student Advances

Student advances must be approved by Student Financial Services. Once an advance is approved, the student can obtain their advance at the Cashier’s Office window.