Using the Chart of Accounts within Responsibility Center Management (RCM)

Who Should Register: This course is intended for administrative and support staff of the University who are responsible for the financial management of their area as well as those who need to gain an understanding of the Chart of Accounts and how it relates to Responsibility Center Management (RCM).


Access Form Requirements: None

Course Description: This workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore the framework of the RCM and Penn’s financial data. Through facilitated discussions, participants will develop analytical thinking methods to enhance their ability to use financial data for management and reporting purposes. This course is a prerequisite for those who will be attending the BEN Balances – General Ledger Inquiry/Reporting class.

Course Length: Three hours

Delivery Method: Instructor Led

Completion Requirements:

  • Prerequisite
  • Class attendance
  • Review of class activities and workshops by the Trainer

No Show Fee: $100