BEN Buys - Purchase Order Manager

Who Should Register:    University administrative and support staff who need to create, manage, or approve the purchase of goods and services.


Access Form Requirements:     BEN Financials Access Request eForm

Tip: Submit the BEN Financials Access Request eForm AFTER training is completed.

Course Description:    This training session is required to procure goods and services at the University through the Penn Marketplace, approve requisitions, and manage purchase orders. Users will learn:

  • Policies and procedures
  • How to manage purchases: Initial requisition through final payment
  • How to process receipts for items ordered over $10,000
  • How to how to relieve PO invoice 'holds'

Course Length:    Five half days

Delivery Method:    Instructor Led

Completion Requirements:

  • Prerequisite
  • Class attendance
  • Trainer review of class activities and workshops
  • Quiz at the end of class
  • Completion of appropriate logon access form

No Show Fee:    $500.00