Business at Penn Curriculum (2 Parts)

Who Should Register:    This web-based course is intended for administrative and other support staff at the University who are responsible for the financial management of their area as well as those who need to gain an overview of Penn's financial systems/terminology and an understanding of the University's account numbering structure.

Curriculum Prerequisite: None

Access Form Requirements: None

Curriculum Description:    The Business at Penn Curriculum consists of two courses:

These two courses are described under their respective course names.

Curriculum Length:    Self-paced

Delivery Method:   Web-based

Curriculum Completion Requirements:

  • Each part of the Business at Penn Curriculum must be completed successfully
  • Business at Penn Overview (Part 1) must be completed as a prerequisite for Chart of Accounts: Segments (Part 2)
  • Completion requirements for each part of the Business at Penn Curriculum are described below

No Show Fee:    N/A