Access AirPennNet and/or AirPennNet-Guest wireless service

To access AirPennNet, your PennKey name and password is required. When your mobile device is within range of an AirPennNet WiFi point:

1. Connect your device to the wireless network: 'Connect to AirPennNet'.

2. Open a web browser and browse to:

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your device to connect to AirPennNet in the future and without needing to go through this setup process again.

For detailed information on AirPennNet or AirPennNet-Guest wireless network, visit the ISC AirPennNet page at . If after reviewing you still need assistance, please contact the ITS for support.

Change my PennKey password / unlock my PennKey account

Change my Office 365 / Outlook email password

Access my Office 365 Outlook email through the web

Change my PennNet phone voicemail password or phone and voicemail settings

Obtain new network or email account

Request all new account requests by submitting a support request at . New account requests may take up to two days to complete.

Deactive network login IDs and/or email accounts for people that leave my department or the university

Request all account deactivations or suspensions by submitting a support request at . ITS needs to be notified of all departures as soon as possible before the employee's last day.

Immediately suspend accounts or access for someone that immediately left the university or whose passwords may have been compromised

Notify ITS IMMEDIATELY by calling the ITS Service Desk at 215.898.HLPU (x8-4578). If staff are not available to take your call, contact Joe Shannon directly at 8-4468 or Brent Friedman at 8-9973.

Secure and backup files stored on my network drives

Files stored on network drives (G: through Z:) are maintained in a secure environment and backed up daily during the overnight hours. In the event of file loss corruption or loss due to a network outage, ITS has established procedures to recover your data from the most recent available backup. Important: Do not store files on your Windows Desktop or C: drive. These files are not backed up and may be permanently lost during a hard drive failure or routine computer patching.

Obtain an Administrative Mainframe ID and Password (Pxxxxxx)

Request Mainframe access by completing the access form at Complete the application, have your Business Administrator sign the form, and bring or send the form to the ITS department (Room 322, Franklin Building) for processing. New ID requests usually take 1 week from the receipt of a completed form. An Administrative Mainframe Logon ID is used to access applications supported by Information Systems and Computing (ISC) - such as Payroll/Personnel, Development and Gifts, and Student Records System.

Reset my forgotten or lost Administration Mainframe Logon password

Call the ISC Hotline at 215.898.1099.

Dispose of old computers, faxes, copiers, or other electronics

Electronic waste (eWaste) must be disposed of properly to comply with applicable regulations and to support the university's environmental sustainability efforts. ITS uses the services of contracted eWaste recycling companies near campus. All eWaste is disposed of responsibly, using certified and compliant procedures. Most eWaste is recycled back into the electronics supply chain for reuse. Please contact the ITS staff for all eWaste removal.

Access my Penn computer or systems from home or another remote location

The "Remote Access" menu lists complete requirements and instructions for remote connection to the Finance network.

Upgrade or refresh my current computer

All Division of Finance computers are refreshed on a common three to four year refresh cycle. Contact ITS to find out when you are eligible for a computer upgrade. For upgrades to components or peripherals, like display monitors, keyboards, etc., please submit a support request. All costs for new computers and upgrades are borne by the requesting department.