Foreign National Information System (FNIS) Instructions

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The purpose of the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) is to determine a foreign individual’s tax status and whether tax exemptions or treaties are available. You will receive an email from FNIS within a week of Onboarding. This email will contain instructions as well as a link, username, and password to access the FNIS site.  

Please be aware that failure to complete your FNIS record in a timely manner could cause your income to be taxed incorrectly. 

Using FNIS


Download FNIS Guide

Once you receive the FNIS email, gather the following documents to help complete your record: 

  • Passport 
  • Admission Record or I-94 (this is electronic and can be printed at 
  • Social Security Card (if you do not have one, you can still complete the data entry) 
  • Immigration Document (I-20, DS-2019, I-797 or employment authorization card 

Using the link, username, and password from the email, please access FNIS and perform the following tasks: 

  • Under IRS Form, select “Consent” and check the appropriate boxes to allow us to load your IRS forms onto the FNIS website.    
  • On the welcome page, select “Data Entry.” Please note that there are 6 pages and you must answer all the required fields, including your immigration history on Page 5. There are help buttons to assist you if you have any questions about a field. When complete, check the confirmation box on Page 6 and select “Finish” to submit your information. The data will be reviewed, and you will receive further requests if your record is deemed incomplete.  
  • Once the data is approved, a tax treaty analysis will be performed by an Administrator. If you are eligible for tax treaty benefits, you will receive an email with instructions to claim these benefits. 
  • To reset your FNIS password, contact the Penn Employee Solution Center at (215) 898-7372 or Please put “FNIS Password Reset” in the subject line of the email to expedite processing of the request. 

Annual Treaty Renewal

Tax treaty benefits must be renewed annually. 

  • In January, you will receive an email from FNIS reminding you to renew your treaty benefits. 
  • Complete the steps outlined in the email to renew your treaty benefits. 
  • The renewal must be completed by the January deadline set forth in the email to ensure the benefits are applied in January. 
  • If you miss the January deadline, your treaty benefits will begin with the next pay period after you sign and submit the treaty document.  
  • Penn will not refund any taxes withheld on payments made prior to receipt of signed treaty paperwork. 

Get Help

If you have any questions, contact the Penn Employee Solution Center at (215) 898-7372 or 


Download FNIS Guide