2224 Pledges: Past Due Balances

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July, 2003


August, 2008


May, 2022

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Pledge bills and resolving past due pledges: 

  • Bills are generated by the Atlas System and sent to donors following a review by the appropriate development officer.  {Billing instructions are recorded on Atlas based on donor instructions from the pledge agreement.} 
  • The Office of Gifts Accounting & Administration generates reports of outstanding past due pledges for development officers and senior business administrators to review. 
  • Following the review of these past due pledges, development officers must make attempts to contact donors within in order to resolve the outstanding past due balance 
  • The University will reserve against all past due pledge receivables 

Revising pledge agreements to resolve past due pledge issues: 

  •  All new payment schedules must be in writing and signed by the donor 
  • Development officers can not revise the anticipated fulfillment date of a pledge without the approval of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations 
    • Revisions are appropriate only if there has been a change in the donor’s financial circumstances or there exist other extenuating factors that preclude payment on the original schedule.  Such a pledge then becomes conditional 
    • All revisions require the approval of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations 
  • Revision of pledge agreements for building projects or other restricted gifts of a time sensitive nature requires the approval of the school/center’s Business Administrator in addition to the Vice President for Development, prior to the execution of the revised pledge fulfillment schedule 
  • If a payment schedule is revised for a pledge of $1 million or more, the development officer must notify the Vice President of Finance and Treasurer, in writing, of the new fulfillment terms 
  • If a revised payment schedule for a pledge of $1 million includes a fulfillment period of more than five years, it must be approved by the Dean or Center Director, the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, and the President 
    • The Vice President for Finance and Treasurer should be informed of all such changes
    • Pledges in the amount of $25,000 and below which are past due five years or more are automatically written off by the Office of the Treasurer.