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To ensure you register for the appropriate financial training course(s) to fulfill your role as a financial administrator of the University and/or to obtain access to their respective system(s), please review the following access requirements and frequently asked questions  prior to enrolling: 

Financial Training and Access Requirements 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before registering for a course? 

Some Schools and Centers require that you notify the Access Administrator before registering for a financial training course. Please consult with your Supervisor to determine if this is the case for your School or Center. 

The remaining FAQs should assist in determining the appropriate financial training you may require as well as the applicable pre-requisites and system access requirements. 

How do I know which course(s) I need? 

In many cases, your job responsibilities will require the use of certain administrative and financial systems which may include, but not be limited to, the successful completion of certain financial training courses, specific pre-requisites, and a fully executed logon access form. For specific information about each of the financial training courses offered, please see the published list of Financial Training Courses.  

Note: Some courses are designed only for specific attendees. Please be sure to check the descriptions very carefully to determine if the course is required for you and your role at the University. 

How do I know if the course has a pre-requisite? 

Our published list of Financial Training Courses lists the applicable pre-requisite(s), if any, for each of the courses offered. Please read through each carefully as each course may have different requirements which need to be met prior to attending the specific course you wish to enroll. No exceptions can be made if the pre-requisites are not fulfilled prior to attending the course. 

How do I obtain approval to register? 

The Financial Training Department offers all of their training programs on an “open enrollment” basis. Once you have properly notified your School or Center Access Administrator or Supervisor as required, no additional authorization is necessary. Please check with your own School or Center as they may have additional approval requirements. 

In addition, to receive course credit and related system access you must: 

  • Complete any required course pre-requisites, if applicable 
  • Complete the workshops and/or performance tests, if applicable 
  • Present a completed logon access form, if applicable 

Is there a fee for taking a course? 

There is no fee for courses offered by the Financial Training Department. If you are unable to attend a training session for which you are registered, you must drop your registration no later than the business day prior to the training date. Cancellations after this time will be subject to the “No Show Fee” if the training slot cannot be filled by an individual on the wait list. 

See the Financial Training Department for a link to their Policies page as well as each individual listing under Courses for additional “No Show Fee” information. 

What do I need to do in order to obtain system access? 

In addition to successfully completing the required training course(s), certain administrative and financial systems require a fully completed logon access form. Each access forms must be signed by your School/Center Access Administrator. 

Who is the Access Administrator for my School/Center? 

You can find a list of School/Center Access Administrators online. Each Access Administrator is charged with reviewing all administrative and financial system access requests and access forms for their School/Center. 

What should I bring to class? 

For all classes requiring administrative and financial systems access, please be sure to bring the fully completed logon access form, including all required signatures, on the first day of class. In addition, most courses require that each student print the user guide for each course registered. Some courses also require the completion of certain activities in advance of the actual class, such as ‘Knowledge Building’ or a ‘Web Expedition.’ 

For more information specific to your course, please go directly to the related Course(s). 

Are any financial training courses available via the web? 

Some courses are web-based training only. Some are a combination of both web-based and instructor led training. Once an individual is registered for web-based training, immediate access to the training material is provided. Web-based courses are not required to be completed in one sitting. Once the training material is reviewed, an on-line quiz, or skills assessment, must be completed with a score of 100%. No special software is required for web-based training, however if you have any technical difficulties, please be sure to contact your LSP (Local Support Provider) . 

Note: Some courses are divided into two segments: An online ‘Knowledge Building’ portion to be followed by a separate instructor-led session. In these cases, you must register for both portions and successfully complete the online ‘Knowledge Building’ portion prior to attending the classroom session. 

How do I use Workday Learning to register for my course? 

Workday Learning  will allow you to: 

  • Register for a course (both instructor-led and web-based) 
  • Take on-line training, quizzes, and skills assessments 
  • Drop a course you are unable to attend 
  • View your current training record