Insurance Certificates and Waivers

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Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance demonstrates evidence of an insurance policy. This document provides no coverage to the certificate holder and rarely guarantees that the certificate holder will be notified if there is a policy cancellation. Our insurance brokers upon request issue them by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance. 

Insurance Waivers

The University participates in various activities which may require the utilization of a waiver. 

The intent of a waiver is to inform the participant of the inherent risks involved in a particular activity. When a waiver is signed, the participant acknowledges the potential risks related to the activity and releases the University from any liability associated with the activity. 

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance in consultation with Department/School/Center of the proposed activity will create the waiver specific to the event/activity. 

Please contact Michele Manzoni for assistance at or 215-898-0645.