Processing Invoices and Payments

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Accounts Payable works in partnership with Procurement Services to onboard and disburse payments to vendors using the Penn Marketplace. 

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The timing of payments made to suppliers is based on when an invoice is received and entered in Accounts Payable. This applies to all payment terms: Net 10, Net 30, and Net 45. For those suppliers following best practices and using Penn’s supplier portal, the invoice date and invoice receipt date should be close.

Suppliers/Payees who are individuals currently paid on Immediate terms will not see their payments impacted by invoice receipt date.

The suppliers most impacted by invoice receipt date are those businesses that continue to mail invoices to Penn, which adds time to the end-to-end invoice-to-payment cycle. Basing payment terms on Invoice Receipt Date encourages suppliers to take advantage of electronic invoicing (cXML, PO Flip, Email box), and it eliminates excessively early payments to those suppliers that back-date invoices to expedite payment.

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Submitting Invoices

After a supplier has been set up with a purchase order, they have several options for submitting an invoice to Accounts Payable.  We no longer accept paper invoices sent through intramural or US postal mail. We encourage suppliers to send invoices via the below options:

  • Sign up for access to the Penn Marketplace supplier portal: 
    • cXML 
    • Flat file 
    • Create an invoice in the system (“PO flip”)
  • Send invoices via email:  
    • Must send in PDF format: one file per invoice, number of files per email is unlimited.
    • PO number must be included on the invoice, not in the body of email or subject.
    • DO NOT send other attachment formats with the invoices such as excel spreadsheets. This will cause the email/invoice to be rejected.
    • This email address is for invoices only. Suppliers should not send inquiries or promotional items.

Benefits of sending invoices via Penn Marketplace portal or email include: 

  • The Penn Marketplace is real-time 
  • Eliminates supplier paper and postage cost 
  • By emailing or flipping PO’s, the invoice will be sent directly to our working queues which will allow your invoices to be processed quicker
  • Environment Friendly – Reducing paper waste is good for the environment
  • Supplier paper and postage savings

PO Flips:

Note: You must be registered in the Penn Marketplace to use PO Flips. Suppliers who register can log in and use the PO Flip functionality to submit an invoice corresponding to the PO. PO Flips allow suppliers to select their specific PO, then turn that PO into an invoice. The invoice will reflect the same information as on the PO and may be adjusted by the supplier before it is submitted. This functionality eliminates the need for the supplier to create an invoice and email it to AP to be manually keyed in and paid. If you are not already registered with our Penn Marketplace please reach out to your Penn Buyer and ask to be invited.

Please use this link for instructions for using the PO Flip option:

Once received by Accounts Payable, the turnaround time for invoice-processing is between 3-5 business days. All invoices must have a valid purchase order number in order to be paid. Payment terms are dependent on selected payment methods.

Please note: Suppliers should verify shipping location with the School/Center. Accounts Payable will not accept any packages, and the packages will be returned.

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