Paying Program Participants via ClinCard

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Disbursements offers a faster, safer method to pay your research study or program participants with the Greenphire ClinCard, a reloadable prepaid card. The ClinCard provides an excellent alternative to AP checks, gift cards, and petty cash. Greenphire also supplies a convenient administrative tool for loading, tracking, and reporting your study or program’s payments in real time. 

The Division of Finance pays all fees ($4/ClinCard and $1.15/load plus maintenance fees) in order to encourage campus-wide study and program use of the Greenphire ClinCard. 

Please submit any requests to use a Greenphire ClinCard no more than three weeks before you will begin paying program participants. After you submit your request, you should receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive an email, please resubmit your request. Please contact us regarding any issues. 

Submit your Greenphire ClinCard Request (PennKey required)

ClinCard Training Video

If you do not have a PennKey, please email us at for any questions or additional information. 

Important Features

  • Stipend and reimbursement payments are separate loads. 
  • C-2 Form required only once, at the time the ClinCard is distributed (and only if your Business Office requires you to use C-2 forms)
  • Make sure Greenphire is listed as the source of payment. 
  • IRB application/request must list Greenphire as the source of payment in the compensation section (can submit a modification, if necessary). 
  • Accounting entries and W-9/1099 reporting is centralized 
  • Not to be used for foreign nationals (individuals must have a government-issued SSN)

Operating Stats

Data as of May 6, 2024

  • Total Payments Made: $34.1 million
  • Number of Payments: 508,289
  • Unique Individuals Paid: 148,192
  • Number of Studies/Programs: 3,701
  • Funds Budgeted: $41.4 million

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