Receiving Your Pay

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Direct Deposit

You may elect to receive your pay electronically via direct deposit provided you have a valid email address. New employees may elect direct deposit in Workday@Penn as soon as they receive their on-boarding email. Note that direct deposit will not begin for new employees until they have completed ALL of their on-boarding steps. Refer to the Self Service: Onboarding in Workday for New Hires tip sheet for information on completing onboarding steps.

Employees can select up to three (3) different Pay Elections (bank accounts) for their net pay. Up to two of the accounts can be set up to have either a specific dollar amount or a percentage of net pay sent to the account. The remaining account will be designated as the “Balance” account. Any amounts not deposited into the first two accounts will be deposited into the “Balance” account. If only one account is elected for direct deposit, it is designated as the “Balance” account. Individuals with new University of Pennsylvania Federal Credit Union accounts should designate one of the three available pay elections for this account.   

The Self Service: Manage Pay Elections tip sheet is available with information on how to manage your Pay Elections in Workday 

Pay Card 

The ADP Wisely Card is a debit card that gives you the flexibility to access your pay in a variety of ways at no cost to you, including unlimited over-the-counter bank teller withdrawals at any VISA member bank; unlimited in-network ATM withdrawals; and unlimited cash back with point-of-sale transactions at participating retail locations. The Wisely card also comes with a convenience check along with instructions on how to use the check.  

For information regarding all of the terms and conditions of the Wisely Card, please visit ADP Wisely Card Terms. A complete fee schedule is available at ADP Wisely Card Fees. Please note that third parties may impose additional fees. 

If you do not elect Direct Deposit in Workday@Penn or you do not do so with sufficient time prior to payment, the University will treat this as an election to receive payment via the ALINE Card. 

If you do not wish to receive your pay electronically, you may contact the University’s Employee Solution Center at 215-898-7372 or email