Gifts of Securities

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Securities Gifts and Accounting serves to manage the University’s gifts of securities in a prudent and efficient manner. It has the responsibility of acceptance, retention, and liquidation of all securities gifts donated to the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, it allocates the gift, along with the sale proceeds, according to the donor’s instructions. 

The value of the stock gift is determined on the day the shares are received into the University’s brokerage account. Gifts of appreciated securities are an excellent and generally tax efficient means for giving to Penn. When donating appreciated securities, a donor generally receives an income tax deduction for the full market value of the securities. By donating the securities to Penn, rather than selling them, a donor can also avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation of the securities from their original basis.  

Please contact your tax advisor for more complete tax information regarding the donation of appreciated securities. 

Electronic Transfer of Securities

Electronic transfer of appreciated securities is the easiest method when a donor maintains a brokerage account. Morgan Stanley is the University’s main brokerage firm, but we also maintain accounts with several additional firms. Please contact Securities Gifts and Accounting at 215-898-7254 or to discuss any questions or if additional information is needed. Contacting Securities Gifts and Accounting is the best method to ensure both timely receipt of the donor’s gift and appropriate allocation of the gift. 


Acceptance of Paper Stock Certificates

The University of Pennsylvania will gladly accept paper stock certificates by mail or in person. The University will complete the due–diligence process and work closely with the donor to confirm the acceptance of the certificate.  Please contact Securities Gifts and Accounting at 215-898-7254 or  if you intend on donating a stock certificate to the University of Pennsylvania.

Please note: When making a gift of securities to the University of Pennsylvania, it is important that the donor and/or broker notify the Securities Gifts and Accounting team. This notification will allow the gift to be processed promptly. Any member of our staff will be happy to assist in the gift process.

Contact Information

University of Pennsylvania
Securities Gifts and Accounting
2929 Walnut Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA  19104-5099

Telephone:  215-898-7254
Fax: 215-573-5118