Non-PO Payments

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All Non-PO payments are to be entered using the Non-PO Payment Request form on the Penn Marketplace. If you are paying a new vendor, they must be onboarded and approved as a supplier/payee into the Penn Marketplace. The Non-PO Payment Request form will route through the appropriate approvals at the School/Center level before it will be sent to BEN for payment processing. 

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Foreign Currency Non-PO Payments

Starting September 1, all requests for foreign currency invoice payments must be submitted through the Penn Marketplace Foreign Currency (FC) Non-PO Payment Request form. The PDA-FC form will be retired. This change is being made to align its processes with the Penn Marketplace onboarding and Non-PO Payment Request workflows. The FC Non-PO Payment Request form will be added to the Marketplace home page and will look very similar to the Non-PO Payment Request. Key differences are as follows. 


  • FC Supplier will need to be active or onboarded before submitting a request 
  • FC Supplier will be reviewed by Tax within the Penn Marketplace on-boarding workflow 

FC Non-PO Payment Request: 

  • FC invoice needs to be attached 
  • FC and FC amount need to be provided 
  • We will ask for the last 4 digits of the vendor’s bank account # (if available) 
  • A preliminary translation to USD needs to be provided (will follow the Non-PO approval workflow) 
  • After approvals are completed the invoice will stop in an AP queue 
  • AP will process the FC currency payment and adjust the USD amount (actual translation) in the Marketplace prior to feeding BEN. 

We are excited to automate the last of the PDA forms and align its process within the Marketplace.  This change will provide us with better consistency and compliance. 

For reference guides and additional resources, access the BEN Helps Support Portal.

Will Calls Check Instructions and Guidelines


Reasons to request a Will Call check:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Attachments
  • Advances for Human Subject Payments
  • Awards
  • Conference and Hotel Registrations
  • Deposits and Final Payments that are due the day of the event

Please submit ticket to or email with Will Call in the subject line to coordinate will call check distribution.  Please include the Supplier Name, invoice number and whether you are picking up or would like it mailed out to a specific address with attachment.

Checks are printed every Tuesday. Please ensure the Will Call request is approved by 3:45 p.m. in the Penn Marketplace the day prior to the check run. Please have valid Penn ID and your PennOpen Pass when picking up Will Call checks. Guest cards are not honored as a valid Penn ID.

Will Calls: Department of Homeland Security

Penn Global will be picking up all Will Call checks on behalf of all Schools/Centers for Department of Homeland Security until further notice.

Since campus is closed due to COVID-19, the following steps should be taken for all H-1B cases in need of checks:

  • Departments should submit Will Call checks for Department of Homeland Security as they normally would. In order to process the checks, check requests must be submitted through the Penn Marketplace as Non-PO Payment Requests, and you must select Will Call on the Additional Information
  • Please ensure that checks clearly indicate which H-1B case they correspond to by placing the employee’s first and last name on the memo line or otherwise clearly indicating the employee’s name
  • Check-printing will be done in batches by Accounts Payable every 2 weeks.
  • ISSS staff will pick up the hard-copy checks from Accounts Payable to mail with the completed H-1B petition.

As a reminder, ISSS receives all mail through Penn Mail Services since the office is closed to the public. The mailing address is:

ISSS c/o Penn Mail
Penn Mail Services
3160 Chestnut Street
Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The current hiring freeze means that H-1B or J-1 cases for individuals who are not already working or doing research at Penn will need an exception for all new employment cases, including transfer in and change of employer cases. We are prioritizing change of status and extension cases for those whose underlying immigration status is expiring.

In addition, because of the disruption to our business processes caused by COVID-19 quarantine measures, ISSS normal processing times may be delayed. They will work to get cases processed as efficiently and accurately as possible to ensure that our foreign national employee and scholar community gets the outstanding service they deserve. Thanks for your assistance in this important mission.

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