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The Business Enterprise Network, or BEN, is the suite of web-based applications that support University-wide financial functions. BEN Financials is the core financial system providing purchasing (BEN Buys), Disbursements (BEN Pays), property management (BEN Assets), and general ledger (BEN Balances) functionality.  

To obtain access to BEN applications (BEN Financials, MarkView, SAP Concur, Payroll Reallocations, Penn Marketplace, BEN Deposits), please consult your department’s Business Administrator or the senior business officer in your School or Center. You will need to submit appropriate eForms and attend any required training. 

BEN Support Services

Contact BEN Helps for help in using BEN applications. Please visit our support portal where you can find user guides, FAQs, and submit a ticket. You can also call the BEN Helps line at 215-746-HELP or 215-746-4357.

Contact your local support provider for help in setting up your computer to access BEN Financials. 

Contact the Financial Training Department for schedules, registration, and other information related to BEN training.