Voids and Reissues

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All requests for voided checks must be submitted on the Check Cancel/Stop Payment Request Form. Stop/Void/Reissue requests are completed in the order they are received. Completion times vary depending on the volume of requests received at a given time. On average, requests are completed within 7-10 business days of receipt. 

The Check Cancel/Stop Payment Request Form must include an explanation of why the check should be voided/reissued. The check will not be voided/reissued without a valid business reason. If the funds are still due to the payee a check cannot be voided it must be reissued. 

Please allow 30 days before submitting a stop/reissue request if the check was mailed to the correct address. A check mailed to the correct address that was confirmed as being received and was either lost or damaged can be reissued earlier. A check mailed to the incorrect address can be reissued earlier. 

A re-issued check will be issued as it was originally requested. Please do not request Will Calls for reissue checks. 

Please consult Financial Policy 2316 – Stop Payments/Check Cancellations. 

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