Known 2020 W-2 Issue: Resolution in Progress 8/8/2022

The Comptroller’s Office is working with the University’s payroll service provider,  ADP, to resolve a known issue in which ADP erroneously submitted incorrect information related to 2020 employee W-2s to the Social Security Administration (SSA). To fix the error, ADP and the SSA are working together to reset 2020 wages to the correct amount for affected employees. While the correction is in process, employees may notice that their 2020 wages are listed on their SSA accounts as zero. Employees do not need to take any action. ADP and the SSA have communicated that the correction should be complete by early September.

Any employee who requires documentation of their accurate 2020 SSA wages during this correction period should reach out to the Employee Solution Center at or 215-898-7372.

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