1106.4 Plant Assets

Plant Construction Costs

Document purpose

To properly account for the costs of construction of University plant.


December, 1986


May, 2017


May, 2023

Responsible Office

Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES)


Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES)


  1. FRES Design and Construction is responsible for accounting for all costs of construction (new building construction and building and land improvements) in accordance with the applicable financial accounting pronouncements.

  2. All gifts received for the purpose of funding plant construction are recorded in established capital gift funds.   

  3. All construction costs are recorded as Construction-in-Progress in the Capital Construction Fund until the construction is complete and capitalized to the appropriate plant asset account.  

  4. When a certificate of occupancy is issued on a newly constructed building, construction costs are capitalized as buildings and fixed equipment and depreciated in accordance with the University depreciation policy 1106.2.