1902 - Billing and Collection

Document purpose

To establish responsibility and authority for the billing, collection and administration of student tuition, fees and other charges.


January 1989


May 2018


May 2022

Responsible Office

Student Registration & Financial Services


Student Registration & Financial Services

The Policy

  1. Undergraduate tuition and the general fee for all schools must be approved by the Trustees. The Dean of each graduate/professional school and the Office of Budget and Management Analysis will agree on tuition to be assessed for each program or school.

  2. The Office of Student Registration & Financial Services is responsible for the billing and collection of all student charges.

  3. Tuition and fees will be assessed on a term basis. All charges will be billed on a monthly basis as incurred.

  4. Student bills are produced electronically on a monthly basis. A hard copy bill may be produced in special circumstances, if requested.

  5. All tuition, fees and other charges are due and payable on or before the due date(s) as established by Student Registration & Financial Services.

  6. Deans and directors, or their designees, are responsible for authorizing adjustments to charges within their jurisdiction. No billing input or adjustment information will be processed without the proper approval. Names of individuals authorized to adjust billing information will be maintained on file in the Office of Student Registration & Financial Services.

    For summer 2022 and future terms, tuition and fees will be calculated using Banner fee assessment rules.  Schools/departments will not have access to adjust tuition and fee charges.  Adjustments will be applied automatically as a result of changes to student enrollment.  Updates to tuition and fee charges for academic periods must be submitted via the Cost of Attendance workflow, for approval by Student Accounts and Budget Office staff members.

  7. The Office of Student Registration & Financial Services is responsible for imposing a late payment penalty on a past due student account unless an acceptable payment arrangement has been approved.

  8. Any waiver of late payment penalties and/or service charges must be in accordance with guidelines established by the Office of Student Registration & Financial Services.