1908 - Financial Hold/Collection Hold

Document purpose

Financial hold to assist in the collection of past due amounts.


March 2006


March 2020


May 2022

Responsible Office

Student Registration & Financial Services


Student Registration & Financial Services


Tuition, Fees and Other Student Charges

The Policy

  1. Any past due balance of $1,000 or more is subject to financial hold.

  2. All University services and privileges will be denied any currently enrolled student in arrears unless alternative payment arrangements have been negotiated with the Office of Student Registration and Financial Services.

  3. Transcripts and other student services will be withheld from any student not currently enrolled in the University.

  4. Accounts will be transferred to outside collection agencies for students with a past due balance of $500 or greater, and not currently enrolled. Student Accounts Office staff will identify and bill students with past due balances less than $500.

  5. Schedule of collection transfers will be determined by the Executive Director, Student Registration and Financial Services.

  6. Graduation holds will be placed on student records for students who owe $200 or greater to the University and will prevent release of the student’s diploma.