2007 Wi-Fi Enabled Credit Card Terminals

Document purpose

This policy describes requirements for using AirPennNet-Device network with a Wi-Fi enabled credit card terminal.


June 2022


May 2023

Responsible Office



Cash & Debt Management

Authority and Responsibility

School and Center business staff and Local Support IT (LSP) is responsible for registering the Wi-Fi enabled credit card terminal on the University of Pennsylvania AirPennNet-Device network.


To establish secure connectivity practices for Wi-Fi enabled credit card terminal use. 

Statement of Policy

University of Pennsylvania requires Point to Point Encrypted (P2PE) Wi-Fi enabled credit card terminals to be used on the AirPennNet-Device network.

General Requirements

AirPennNet-Device network uses WpA2-AES to encrypt data between your wireless device and the Air-PennNet wireless access point. (https://www.isc.upenn.edu/how-to/using-wireless-penn#FAQ

When using Air-PennNet network with the credit card terminals, you must use the AirPennNet-Device wireless network.

AirPennNet-Device requires the LSP (local IT staff) https://www.isc.upenn.edu/facultystaff-support-directory   to obtain the unique device MAC address located on the credit card terminal and register it with AirPennNet-Device. It is a one-time setup event, https://www.isc.upenn.edu/how-to/using-wireless-penn#For-devices. The device registration portal is at: https://device.upenn.edu/

Off Campus Use

To use the device off campus, you must use a mobile hotspot purchased from the University approved vendor Verizon or AT&T. https://www.isc.upenn.edu/how-to/cellular-services


Verizon’s mobile devices are at: https://www.verizon.com/internet-devices/prepaid/

The university campus representative is:

Ryan Lafferty ryan.lafferty@verizonwireless.com

Client Executive – Wireless Accounts
Verizon Business Group – Public Sector – SLED
Mobile: (215) 990-2255


The university campus representative is:

Alyssa KnaubAS6893@att.com

AT&T Client Solutions Executive

Phone: (717) 571-5094