2109 - Budgets

Document purpose

To establish responsibility for preparation and submission of sponsored project budgets


December 1986


April 2018


May 2024

Responsible Office

Research Services


Research Services

The Policy

  1. The Principal Investigator is responsible for preparing a budget within the amount of the award as indicated in the award notice and in accordance with any budgetary constraints imposed by the sponsor.

  2. The budget is entered into the financial accounting system and maintained by the responsible department Business Administrator.

    • Except for advance accounts, project funds may not be obligated until the budget has been entered into the financial accounting system;
    • Budgets must be revised upon any monetary adjustment of an award;
    • Changes to project budgets which require sponsor or institutional approval must be reviewed and approved by ORS.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Works with Business Administrator to prepare and submit budgets;
  • Reviews, approves and documents deviations in budgets;
  • Ensures sponsor & institutional approvals are sought;
  • Initiates & countersigns requests for approvals, as necessary.



  • Reviews budget to ensure accuracy & compliance with sponsor and university policy;
  • Maintains approvals and documentation in departmental records;
  • Routes sponsor mandated request for changes in budget to ORS;
  • Ensures that budgets are monitored and updated when awards are adjusted.



  • Reviews and sends to sponsor mandated request for changes in budgets;
  • Countersigns request for changes, as required;
  • Reviews sponsor terms and conditions to ensure compliance with budget policies & procedures;
  • Reviews general ledger expenditures to ensure compliance with budget terms & conditions;
  • Communicates with Business Administrators regarding the need for approvals;
  • Maintains approvals in ORS records;
  • Works with Business Administrator to resolve issues related to budgeting approvals.


The source of this document is Research Services