2139 - Faculty Summer Effort & Salary

Document purpose

To define the requirements for faculty having appointments less than 12 (twelve) months who choose to work and receive compensation from a sponsored project during the months of June, July and/or August.


January 2005


December 2014


May 2024

Responsible Office

Research Services


Research Services

The Policy

  1. Effort devoted and corresponding salary received must be in accordance with sponsor and University policy.

  2. Faculty receiving full summer salary (3/9) from external sponsors for all University uncompensated summer months:

    • Are ineligible for time off during that period for which they are being compensated; and
    • Must submit a letter in advance to the chair of the department or Dean indicating that they will not take time off during the summer months. Letters must contain at a minimum the following language, “I will not be taking vacation during the summer months for which I am supported by sponsored projects funding.” (Certification after the fact on the effort report will be an attestation to that full effort.)
  3. Departments are required to maintain copies of the above letter in the faculty member’s personnel file and/or appropriate sponsored projects file. The letter must be readily available for audit purposes.

  4. Due to the effort commitment to the sponsored project, payment of full summer salary as described in 2 above means that the faculty member cannot engage in other activities, i.e., administrative or academic activities not compensated by the University.

  5. If a faculty member has formal summer academic or administrative responsibilities, summer compensation and the corresponding effort must be adjusted proportionately.

  6. Changes reducing effort for the summer months must be reported immediately to the department’s BA. A payroll distribution adjustment must be made prior to the month end in which the change in effort occurred since the University is not obligated to pay the faculty member for time not worked on the sponsored project(s).

  7. If a sponsor has a salary cap and if the faculty member commits to full effort during a summer month, notwithstanding that the sponsor will not pay a full salary because of the cap limitation, the faculty member must still devote their full effort to the project during the month paid.

  8. Faculty having academic year appointments and receiving summer salary from sponsored projects will be limited to any restrictions on summer salary imposed by the sponsor.

  9. It is expected that faculty receiving summer salary from a sponsored project will perform such work in their normal place of business unless the work being conducted is off site as a requirement of the project. Any exception will require the approval of the Chair, Dean, ORS, and may require approval of the sponsor.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Understand terms and conditions of any Sponsored project which may limit salary support;
  • Submit a certification if requesting 3/9 salary.


  • Provide guidance to PIs on the interpretation of this policy.


  • Provide guidance to Business Administrators and PIs on the interpretation of this policy



The source of this document is Research Services