2220 Payroll Deduction Gifts for Penn Employees

Document purpose

To guarantee the accurate collection of information from both the donor (Penn employee) and Office of Development and Alumni Relations for gifts made via payroll deduction.


July, 2003


March, 2006


May, 2022

Responsible Office





The Office of Gifts Accounting & Administration is responsible for recording in the all gifts made via payroll deduction by Penn employees. The Gifts Office also makes certain that pledges are reduced appropriately and deduction requests are forward to Payroll.  

All payroll deduction requests should be sent directly to Gifts Accounting & Administration, Suite 300, 2929 Walnut Street.  

Payroll Deduction Transmittal Form  

The Payroll Deduction Transmittal Form can be found on the following web site:  


This form must be completed by both the donor and the Development Officer. The Development Officer is responsible for submitting the form directly to the Gifts Office before the monthly deadline which is the first Friday of each month.  


The Gifts Office works on a specific timeline to meet Payroll’s deadline for all deductions. Payroll deduction requests must be submitted to the Gifts Office no later than the first Friday of each month.  

Important: The Payroll Deduction Gift Transmittal Form is used in lieu of the Gift and Pledge Transmittal form.