2278 Acquisition of Artwork

Document purpose

To provide guidelines for appropriately managing and stewarding any artwork purchased with University funds.


May, 2021


April, 2023

Responsible Office


Any artwork purchased with University funds that is valued over $1,000 must be registered with the Office of the Curator. Invoices and copyright documentation should be acquired from the sales agent and such documentation should be sent to the Office of the Curator along with the specific locations of installations of artwork. In addition to registering, photographing and labeling the Artwork, the Office of the Curator can provide guidelines concerning the care and maintenance of artwork (see is Exhibit B to the Memorandum of Understanding (Intramural) Loan Form).

Any department wishing to commission a work of art should coordinate such activity through the Office of the Curator. The Office has established contractual guidelines for commissioning artwork (“Agreement to Commission Works of Art”).